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The Random Family Photos Hidden In The Background Of That '70s Show

There are so many factors that go into the building of a successful TV series. Of course, the writing, direction, and talented actors are essential. However, plenty of the work put in comes from often-unknown crew members. Lighting, editing, and sound are all vital ingredients when making the perfect fictional world that is eventually presented to viewers at home. One essential job that every production needs is the set designer. This person visually establishes a realistic world to ensure fans at home never question the story's validity. To give a simple explanation, no one at home would believe Tony Soprano was indeed the head of the New Jersey mafia if he was running his business on the deck of a spacecraft.

When it comes to set design, one of the essential needs of establishing a reality becomes even more important when dealing with a particular era of time. Series such as "Boardwalk Empire," "Stranger Things," and even futuristic "The Expanse" all lean heavily on the period they take place in. Without those details, each one of those shows would never have gotten very far. The same goes with the series "That '70s Show," which takes place in, you guessed it, the '70s. And for that show to run as long as it did, fans at home had to believe that they were peering through a time-machine window to observe the lives of those wacked-out teens.

you'll need a keen eye to figure out who's in those family photos

For those who don't know, "That '70s Show" was a FOX half-hour sitcom that knocked out a groovy two hundred episodes over nine years. The series launched several careers, which included Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, and even led to another spinoff series, the short-lived "That '80s Show." And along with the hilarious writing and spot-on performances, the show itself was visually on-point, as each set piece perfectly matched the '70s. 

Even though the show's sets were beautiful from afar, a behind-the-scenes peek at the show allowed fans to observe some interesting details. During a STAR INSIDE unique look at "That '70s Show" production, fans got to see what it was like to explore the actual set. In one part, Mila Kunis points out the family photos placed around the Forman home and gives a peek at who the people in the pictures are.

First, Kunis goes to pictures near the couch, which are more in view when filming. These consist of Eric (Topher Grace) and his family. But, when she goes further back near the cabinets, the lesser-seen photos lose their fine details. "You got Topher Grace, who plays Eric with his real-life father," Kunis reveals. Then she directs her attention to another photo of a completely random family. Maybe it's the photo that came with the frame! Well, the set designers can't be at fault for that missed minor detail, as they did more than a fine job convincing fans.