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Netflix's One Day - What We Know So Far

A new romantic drama series is making its way to Netflix — "One Day" is currently in the works. The series, which is based on the 2009 novel of the same name by David Nicholls, was announced in November of 2021 (via Variety). Notably, the novel was formerly adapted into the 2011 film starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.

The new Netflix series boasts a writing team led by Nicole Taylor. She has previously worked on TV shows such as "The Nest" and "Three Girls," alongside the likes of Anna Jordan ("Succession"), Vinay Patel ("Doctor Who"), and relative screenwriting newcomer Bijan Sheibani. Nicholls and Taylor also act as executive producers, along with Roanna Benn and Jude Liknaitzky (via Deadline). Finally, Molly Manners ("Lazy Susan") will be directing at least one episode.

For those curious to learn more about the upcoming Netflix series — whether you're a fan of the book, a fan of the 2011 film, or are just looking for a new romance drama — here's what we know so far about "One Day."

When will One Day be released?

Netflix has yet to announce the release date for "One Day." What we do know so far is that filming began on July 4, 2022, as confirmed by "One Day" author David Nicholls on Twitter. After noting that filming has begun, Nicholls lightheartedly continued, "Can't wait to visit set, wear headphones affectedly and get in the way." Additionally, Edinburgh Live reported that filming had occurred at Edinburgh University in July of 2022. However, it is yet unclear if filming on the series has officially wrapped.

Regardless of said schedule, we can likely expect to see "One Day" available on Netflix sometime next year. Within "One Day," the date of July 15 is especially meaningful (in fact, the entire storyline takes place on that day over multiple years), so a smart tactic by Netflix would be to release the series on or around July 15, 2023.

Who is in the cast of One Day?

The two leads were announced in June of 2022, as reported by Deadline: Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod. Woodall, a relatively new actor, has appeared in projects such as the Tom Holland-led 2021 film "Cherry" and a few episodes of the 2022 Peacock series "Vampire Academy" (via IMDb). Woodall will also appear in Season 2 of "The White Lotus," which is slated to premiere in late October 2022. Meanwhile, Mod, also a fairly new actor, had a breakout role in the 2022 British series "This is Going to Hurt" (via IMDb).

According to the show's IMDb page, the rest of the cast includes Eleanor Tomlinson, Jonny Weldon, and Brendan Quinn. Tomlinson has appeared in shows such as "The Nevers," "The Outlaws," and "Poldark," amongst others. Weldon has also appeared in "The Outlaws" and, more recently, an episode of "House of the Dragon," in which he played Samwell. Finally, Quinn has appeared in shows such as "Soft Border Patrol" and "Vikings: Valhalla."

As for what Nicholls thinks of the cast members hired to bring his novel to life, the author gave his stamp of approval on Twitter, writing, "I'm so thrilled. Leo Woodall, [Ambika Mod] and cast are wonderful."

What is the plot of One Day?

According to Deadline, "One Day" follows Emma Morley (Ambika Mod) and Dexter Mayhew (Leo Woodall), who become friends and on-and-off lovers after meeting at their university graduation on July 15, 1988. The story follows them over the course of many years, checking in with them on July 15 to see how they have grown and changed as individuals and how their relationship has evolved.

As for what intel the novel's Goodreads page can give us, the description reads, "15th July 1988: Emma and Dexter meet for the first time on the night of their graduation. Tomorrow they must go their separate ways. So where will they be on this one day next year? And the year after that? And every year that follows?"

With the themes of love and friendship at the forefront, we can expect various romantic entanglements to play out (Emma and Dexter's on-and-off relationship makes way for plenty of other relationships). And with a period of 20 years, we can also expect plenty of life hardships and ups and downs in the characters' lives.

Stay tuned for more information about "One Day" as it becomes available.