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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Seems To Casually Ignore Ultron's Avengers-Level Threat

*Contains spoilers for "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever"*

So far, the ever-expanding world of Marvel has led to many issues that, in reality, you'd hope people would be keeping tabs on for a while, at least. We're not saying Thunderbolt Ross was right about knowing the Hulk's whereabouts. However, we can all agree that we're still struggling to accept that no one is acknowledging there's a giant alien hand sticking out of the northern hemisphere somewhere.

We get it a little. It's a busy world with warring nations, and some even suddenly reveal themselves out of nowhere through a leader that's been in hiding for 500 years. Although, you'd think some people would still be on the ball, including the newly appointed Black Panther, Shuri (Letitia Wright). Up to her elbows in conflict, inner turmoil, and deciding the best headwear to go with her new super suit, she has fresh young eyes and ears on the world that her older allies might not. And yet, a pivotal conversation with her mother, Queen Ramona (Angela Bassett), suggests one of the most pivotal moments of history in this universe (that she was partly present for, we might add) somehow slipped her mind.

Shuri fails to factor in Ultron in a talk with her mother

During one of Queen Ramonda's visits to see her daughter in the lab in "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever," the all-around scene stealer of the film is alarmed when she hears the voice of Shuri's personal AI assistant (voiced by Trevor Noah). While it's almost compulsory now for anyone with a highly advanced suit to have a virtual assistant that puts the likes of Siri and Alexa to shame, it doesn't sit well with the queen. "I think AI might end us all," she says, looking out into the lab's space at the invisible third party to their conversation, to which Shuri replies, "AI is not like the movies, mother."

This response wouldn't be warranted that much attention for any other young daughter to her mother. The exception with Shuri, of course, is that she's from Wakanda, a nation whose highly sought-after rare metal was nabbed by an actual artificial intelligence that tried to destroy the world. Now here is where you could say that Shuri wasn't around for "Avengers: Age of Ultron," so she's excused for not quite connecting the dots when Stark tried to put a suit of armor around the world. However, she was physically cracking open the head of a byproduct of Ultron when Vision tried to remove his Soul Stone before Thanos got his hands on it. Is this a slip-up from Shuri or a simple line that means more than we think?

Is Shuri's opinion of AI a potential bit of foreshadowing?

Given that Marvel has had plenty of subtle set-ups to major events, there's a chance that this line felt out of place as the time is right where it was supposed to be. Let's not forget that besides giant space beings being half-dipped in the earth's ocean (which Namor never mentions either, strangely), another rogue robot wandering around unattended could pose a threat to Marvel's champions in the future. It's been some time since we saw the White Vision after taking off to figure out his place in the world, and besides time-traveling tyrants (hi, Kang — conquered much, lately?), a synthezoid going solo wouldn't be a surprising additional problem.

Then again, this, like so many other golden nuggets that appear in Marvel movies, might simply be a throwaway line that would have been better getting thrown away altogether. Shuri is easily the smartest cookie in the Wakandan jar of heroes, but we might let this one pass given how much she had on her plate at the time. Here's hoping that when the Black Panther returns, she's a little more switched on to face down a new threat or follows things up simply with, "Wow, it really is like the movies?" Yeah, we know — that's not the best line, either.