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Why Enola Holmes 2 Made Millie Bobby Brown Scared To Return To Stranger Things

The Netflix series "Stranger Things" has led to several performers finding stardom as a result of being on the show, including David Harbour and Joe Keery. One of the biggest breakout stars from the series, however, has been Millie Bobby Brown. In the show, Brown plays Eleven, a child who was subjected to experimentation at an early age and has been a key part of the series since its first season.

Since her time on the show, Brown has done a number of other roles, with one of her biggest ones being in the Netflix film "Enola Holmes." The 2020 film saw Brown take on the titular role, the younger sister of famous detective Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill), who sets out to find her mother, Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter), after the latter's disappearance on Enola's 16th birthday.

The film's success led to a sequel, titled "Enola Holmes 2," which saw Brown reprise the role, and Cavill and Carter also returning for the second installment. In a recent press session, Brown spoke about how she was apprehensive about shooting "Stranger Things" after her work on "Enola Holmes 2." This is what she had to say.

Brown was worried she'd break the fourth wall as Eleven

During a press panel for "Enola Holmes 2," Millie Bobby Brown spoke about her worry that she would bring Enola's personality traits to the character of Eleven.

In particular, Brown was worried that she would bring Enola's habit of breaking the fourth wall and addressing the audience to "Stranger Things." Brown mentioned that during the filming of "Enola Holmes 2," she had a dream that she was looking directly at the camera, only to realize she was actually filming "Stranger Things."

This led to Brown developing a concern that she wouldn't be able to shake the habit of looking at the camera that she picked up in the Netflix sequel, aware of how that would impact the character of Eleven, who was very different from Enola Holmes.

Brown did note, however, that she preferred the fight scenes in "Enola Holmes 2" to the dance scenes. She said that the dance scenes were especially difficult because she not only had to keep track of all her dialogue, but also had to ensure she was executing her dance moves properly and was in tune with the music itself. "There's so much to think about all at once," she concluded.