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Jon Seda Teases Chicago P.D. Fans With A Hilarious La Brea Crossover Idea

Season 10 of "Chicago P.D." didn't start off as an easy watch, as we had to say goodbye to Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer). The puzzling way Halstead ultimately left had many "Chicago P.D." fans upset. And that did little to soothe the familiar heartbreak they've become accustomed to feeling from watching any Dick Wolf series. Eventually, a fan-favorite character that grows along with the show suddenly makes an unexpected exit. It was only just a few years ago where that particular sting hit fans fairly hard with the departure of the character Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda).

Regarded as Hank Voight's (Jason Beghe) second-in-command, Dawson was on "Chicago P.D." for six seasons. The character even played a significant part in the show's origins after first appearing in "Chicago Fire." In 2019, Seda left the series essentially because of creative differences. However, that didn't spell the end of his run with NBC. Currently, the actor stars as Dr. Samuel Velez on the science-fiction series, "La Brea." Although he appears to have successfully moved on from "Chicago P.D.," this hasn't stopped fans from voicing their desire for Seda to return to his detective role. In fact, they've often made their wishes known to the actor on Twitter. Fortunately, Seda recently responded by teasing a rather unusual — and funny — "Chicago P.D. and "La Brea" crossover idea.

La Brea could open a portal to Chicago

NBC's "La Brea" centers on a group of people who survive a huge sinkhole in the middle of Los Angeles. But that's just the beginning for this group, as they now find themselves somewhere in a primeval-like world, as it turns out the sinkhole opened a portal back in time to 10,000 B.C. But thanks to Jon Seda's unique crossover idea, maybe the next portal could take the actor back to more familiar ground. In response to a fan question on him returning to "Chicago P.D.," Seda tweeted, "Maybe there's a portal that leads to Chicago?"

Some fans, like @dgct1, favored Seda's idea, as they responded with "OMG! This is the best answer. I'd definitely watch that crossover." However, if such a crossover took place, who are we going to see? Is it going to be Detective Antonio Dawson or Dr. Samuel Velez? Maybe it's a case where the One Chicago Universe decides to get daring and cash all their chips on wacky multiverse shenanigans like the MCU. After all, it's hard to pass up a potential scene of Dawson and Velez pointing at each other like a certain famous Spider-Man meme

But at least one fan knows which sole character they would ultimately want to see, no matter the outcome. "Only if that portal returns Antonio Dawson permanently to his rite full spot in intelligence as Kim's partner," @msmandijmoore tweeted.