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Jessy Schram Comments On Asher And Archer's Connection In Chicago Med Season 8

The NBC series "Chicago Med" joined the pantheon of medical procedural shows with its debut in 2015. A part of the "One Chicago" franchise, spearheaded by TV industry giant Dick Wolf, "Chicago Med" joined "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago P.D." upon its arrival, and the show's 8th season is now underway.

One of the key characters in the show has been Dr. Hannah Asher. Played by Jessy Schram, Hannah is an obstetrician and gynecologist with a secret addiction to heroin who first appeared on the show in Season 5. She ultimately developed a relationship with Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) despite Will knowing her secret. Hannah was ultimately forced into rehab following an arrest, but relapsed after her release, leading her to the emergency room of the very hospital she worked at following an overdose.

Hannah, however, returned to Chicago after two years, looking to return to her old job with the approval of, among others, Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber). In a new interview, Schram spoke about the relationship between her character and Archer in Season 8 of "Chicago Med."

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Schram notes the two have a unique relationship

In an interview with Parade, Jessy Schram spoke about how Hannah's transformation had impacted her relationships with the men around her. In the process, she ended up at the relationship Hannah has with Dr. Dean Archer, played by Steven Weber. She noted that while Archer had been a thorn in Hannah's side since her return, he has lately given her more free rein, culminating in giving her a bye week with regard to her drug test.

"I would say since Hannah's return, all she's been doing is butting against the stigmas of her [past]," Schram said. "And Archer has been really the only one that keeps on carrying it through, for personal reasons as we learn." The actress explained that Archer's issues with his own son, who was a drug addict himself and is currently serving jail time, certainly colored his interactions with Hannah. Schram added that Hannah, however, refused to back down even though Archer thrust the pain of his own son's foibles on her, and that, in turn, seems to have endeared Hannah to her superior.

Schram concluded by noting that this has led the relationship between the two of them to be particularly unique, especially as Archer is more closed off from others. "They're both people that come from pretty broken pasts," Schram said, "and so there might be a really cool relationship or friendship from that."