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Keanu Reeves Calls John Wick 4 The Most Physically Difficult Film Of His Career

Keanu Reeves has been a powerhouse on the big screen for some time, and out of all the exciting movies the actor has starred in over the years, there is no denying he absolutely excels when he takes part in the exhilarating realm of action movies.

The infamous Hollywood player has starred in a vast array of roles covering all sorts of genres, from the classic horror flick "Bram Stoker's Dracula" to the underappreciated sci-fi gem "A Scanner Darkly." He has even dabbled in comedy films like the "Bill and Ted franchise" as well as family-friendly affairs like the made-for-television Disney film "Young Again" (via IMDb). But there is really no denying that some of his highest-rated flicks on Rotten Tomatoes are high-octane endeavors like "Speed," "Point Break," and the "Matrix" films. Among his many Certifed Fresh credits, the titles that continuously put out stellar scores and attain significant critical acclaim are, without a doubt, the movies where he brilliantly portrays Baba Yaga, aka John Wick.

His excellent efforts have helped the action-packed, assassin-filled cinematic thrill rides gross over $580 million at the box office (via Forbes), and many believe that Mr. Wick is one of the best characters Reeves has ever played. From the looks of the "John Wick: Chapter 4" trailer, fans will be in for another pulse-pounding experience that he claims has been the most physically challenging film experience of his career.

Keanu Reeves spent months knocking himself out preparing for John Wick: Chapter 4

It's no secret that Keanu Reeves likes to do his own stunts, especially when taking part in the "John Wick" films. He has been reported to haveĀ trained hard for "John Wick: Chapter 4," and it seems that everything he went through this time was harder than anything he has done before in terms of physical activity. "You know 'Chapter 4' was probably the most difficult physical film I've ever had to do," Reeves said enthusiastically about his experience in the fourth film to ET Canada on the red carpet (via YouTube). "Yeah but that's also what makes it great. Chad has given me the opportunity to do as much as I can. And to keep learning, and keep trying stuff."

The physical demands of bringing John Wick to life on screen haven't gone unnoticed by some of the gifted people the actor has worked with on these flicks. Chad Stahelski, the director responsible for helming all of the "John Wick" motion pictures, praised his dedication, specifically his nunchuck skills, saying, "Keanu spent months knocking himself out, getting good at nunchucks. Ambidextrous, right hand, left hand, while shooting a gun. F****** guy is great at it" (via IGN). The hard work, pain, and sacrifice Reeves and the rest of the exemplary people involved have put into "John Wick: Chapter 4" will hopefully result in an incredibly entertaining experience for fans and help the film become another fantastic addition to the actor's excellent roster of action movies.