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AHS: NYC Fans Seem To Agree That Patrick May Be This Season's Second Killer

Warning: This article contains spoilers for "AHS: NYC" Episode 7, "The Sentinel."

"American Horror Story: NYC" is a riveting installment in Ryan Murphy's expansive horror anthology series. This season focuses on New York City in the 1980s where more than one killer is running rampant as a deadly viral infection spreads across the dense population. Episode 7, "The Sentinel," clears the board of one sadistic butcherer while possibly ushering another in.

"American Horror Story" is hardly ever what it appears to be on the surface as it revels in supernatural allegories. "AHS: NYC" is no different with allusions to the AIDS epidemic and brutal killings eerily similar to Jeffrey Dahmer's sick tactics through this season's dark themes. The absence of law enforcement support is deafening both in history and in the latest installment, leaving the investigation up to the city's brave citizens. 

However, as some audience members are sharing online, one of these investigators may have another motivation for sticking close by. By hiding in plain sight, much like Mr. Whitely (Jeff Hiller), they can avert suspicion while also keeping tabs on the case. Someone like this may also want some experience in law enforcement to help them accomplish such a task. This has many fans cleverly speculating that former New York Police Detective Patrick (Russell Tovey) is one of this season's other vicious killers.

Fans unanimously suspect Patrick as one of the killers

One of the biggest indicators of Patrick's possible murderous tendencies is the merciless execution of Mr. Whitely in his grisly torture chamber. After almost literally losing his heart to the maniacal amateur surgeon, Patrick evades an unspeakable fate when Gino (Joe Mantello) and Henry (Denis O'Hare) help him escape. Once they all have Whitely cornered, Patrick fatally pulls the trigger and splatters the executioner's brains on the illuminating lamp behind him. 

Patrick takes immeasurable pride in this riding the news coverage and citywide fame to unforeseen heights. With the new knowledge of his jaw-dropping secret on Fire Island (from Episode 6), viewers are extremely suspicious of his growing body count. Some are even drawing visual parallels between Patrick and the strangling "Big Daddy" who both share a fascination with leather, as @thKuShutMeDown pointed out. "I'm thinking Patrick Is the 2nd killer Cuz he was too comfortable Wearing that leather .....that episode," they wrote. Another user noted exceedingly Patrick's shifty behavior, expressing, "Patrick acting a lil weird #AHSNYC."

Some aren't surprised at the revelation of another killer, such as @scytheslayr, who wrote, "y'all there has ALWAYS been two killers since ep one... why we acting surprised in the hashtag #AHSNYC." But now that Whitely is out of the picture, is there only one killer left? All signs seem to point to Patrick, which @HypnoticSmile echoed with, "I don't trust Patrick at all #AHSNYC" and an accompanying meme loaded with shade.