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The AHS: Asylum Character That Finally Returned In AHS: NYC

"American Horror Story" often calls back to its previous seasons, which unites Ryan Murphy's expanding and terrifying anthological series in exciting ways. One of the first instances of this was a delightful surprise with "Coven's" Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) checking into the malevolent Hotel Cortez in Season 5. The beloved voodoo witch met an unfortunate fate that was thankfully rectified in the crossover Season 8 "Apocalypse," thanks to some powerful temporal manipulation.  

"American Horror Story" has continued to do this in clever ways by even weaving in the spin-off short form "American Horror Stories" series. In the premiere of Season 2, we follow a disturbing job opportunity that leads to an imprisoning mystical doll house run by Mr. Van Wirt (played by "AHS" veteran Denis O'Hare). Our heroine Colby (Kristine Froseth) thrillingly displays witchy telekinetic abilities that unravel the back story of a notable "Coven" character while also subverting our expectations. 

"American Horror Story: NYC" seems to be keeping this tradition alive by revealing the stunning return of a frightening symbolic character. The casting for Season 11 brought Zachary Quinto back to "AHS" following his spine-tingling performance as the serial killer Bloodyface in "Asylum." And after an eight-season hiatus, it's safe to say fans were more than pleased to see the return of another "Asylum" face in Episode 5, "Bad Fortune." 

The Angel of Death Shachath finally returned to American Horror Story

The legendary "AHS" alum Frances Conroy originally portrayed the beautiful but harrowing Angel of Death, Shachath. She mercifully guides suffering souls such as Grace Bertrand (Lizzie Brocheré) and Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) to their next phase, sparing them from any further misery. Shachath's astonishing return comes at the very capable hands of director Paris Barclay (who also directed the powerful Episode 6 "Silenced" in "Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story") in a haunting and dazzling sequence. However, in "AHS: NYC," Shachath is brought to life by Hannah Jane McMurray, who was also featured on Ryan Murphy's "Pose" series.

Though Conroy didn't return for this season of "AHS," the eerie essence of the Angel of Death is depicted exceptionally especially with musical legend Patti LuPone's chilling narration. After a series of foreboding tarot card readings including "Death," "Judgement," and "The Devil," Shachath herself appears to warn Gino (Joe Mantello). Fans flocked to Twitter to share their enthusiasm at the return of the devilish angel like @meinnyc130 noting, "Wasn that Black Angel thingee/person in an earlier Season of AHS???. #AHSNYC." 

Eagle-eyed user @NyxGreenfyre pointed out another "AHS" reference, writing, "Angel of Death?!! Baby with Tentacles?! Great with the callbacks. #AHSNYC." The latter evokes the unsettling procedurals from "AHS: Double Feature – Death Valley" where aliens grow hybrid human specimens. This detail suggests "American Horror Story" isn't slowing down on the callbacks anytime soon, which fans would happily welcome.