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Misha Collins Explains Why Supernatural Fight Scenes Weren't As Seamless As You'd Think

"Supernatural" is hands down one of the biggest franchises The CW has ever had. Running for an incredible 15 seasons on the network, the horror drama series managed to keep its ratings steady due to a high level of fan devotion and the wonderful chemistry between its cast members (via TV Guide). Of course, it also helped matters that the series regularly saw Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) travel all over the country, opening the door for fan-favorite guest appearances.

One of the recurring characters who later became an important part of the show (and a main cast member) is Castiel (Misha Collins). The powerful but aloof angel is as good in a fight as he is for a bit of comic relief, and Collins played the character with irresistible fish-out-of-water charm. However, according to Collins, shooting fight scenes wasn't nearly as seamless on set as the final product appears in "Supernatural."

Fight scenes are shot one move at a time

In 2015, Misha Collins sat down with PopSugar to talk about his time on "Supernatural," including how different shooting a fight scene is compared to the finished product.

"If I am going to punch you in a scene, it actually has to line up perfectly with the camera lens so that it sells on camera," Collins explained. "Sometimes we do a punch and they will say, 'Actually, you need to do that three inches higher and come off a little further to the left with it.'" 

Collins broke down how technical the filming process is. "With fight scenes, which often seem like they are happening in real-time and are really dynamic and fast, we will just pause to do the same punch a few times to get it right and then move on to the next," Collins went on. "So while it seems often fluid and seamless in what you see on air, it's actually broken up into tiny little pieces." 

While "Supernatural" has officially wrapped up for good, fans looking for more can tune into "The Winchesters," a series that focuses on Sam and Dean's parents.