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Love Is Blind Fans Are Buzzing Over Nancy's Brother In The Season 3 Finale

Love can be a tricky thing to navigate. Between emotional baggage, crazy ex-lovers, and protective friends and family, finding a long-lasting relationship might be one of the hardest aspects of life to achieve. However, finding love can be the basis of popular reality television shows, as illustrated by the Netflix endeavor "Love Is Blind." The premise of this show is simple — pairs of single people live in a specialized pod apartment where they can talk with each other but cannot see. This can lead to a potent emotional connection, though sometimes the physical connection part is somewhat trickier to pin down.

After proposing to a silhouette, the pairs of people meet each other's respective friends and family before finally going up to the wedding altar to make their final decision. This can lead to some rather shocking upsets where brides and grooms can be left alone and flabbergasted, but that is part of the reality television schadenfreude and appeal. Having just completed Season 3, Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden are one of the sets of contestants that seemed like they had a genuine connection. However, that certainly came crashing down when Bartise left Nancy at the altar, even though she wanted to get married. As such, it seems like several fans of "Love Is Blind" became big fans of Nancy's brother, who quickly came to her defense.

Fans are loving the brother of Nancy's reaction

As mentioned earlier, although Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez make it to the wedding altar in the Season 3 finale of "Love is Blind," Bartise changes his mind and tells Nancy, in front of her family, that he does not want to get married. Nancy is able to maintain her composure as she walks out, but viewers can see that her family is definitely not happy with this turn of events, with her one brother muttering a few curse words. At this point, Bartise goes out to talk to Nancy about his decision, but he is soon beset by Nancy's family, who demand answers while tossing out curse words. Nancy's brother, in particular, is exceptionally feisty with Bartise, which is highlighted by Nancy's brother referring to Bartise as a little boy.

For his efforts, fans coalesced around the brother of Nancy's wholehearted defense of his sister on social media. Over on Twitter, @zanaduxx said, "Nancy's family pulling up on Bartise was WARRANTED and the way Bartise responded to them was RUDE!!! I hope Nancy's brothers catch Bartise in these streets!!!!" @maritweetss followed up the "Love Is Blind" episode by posting four different screen grabs of Nancy's brother explaining why Nancy is too good for Bartise and added that the brother's comments helped explain how all of the viewers felt about the couple.

Some Love Is Blind viewers think Nancy's brother is a fine sibling

@zanaduxx then followed up their original comments by posting an image of Nancy's brother from the show yelling that he didn't want to be right about Bartise and said that Nancy's brother knew it in his bones that Bartise was no good. He's also an exceptionally good brother to Nancy. This statement caused @AnniePearl20 to reply, "Touching how he said he didn't want to be right. He was just looking out for big sis." @Tsholo also felt strongly about Nancy's brother and posted two images of him and his initial response after Bartise left Nancy, and they said that they absolutely love Nancy's little brother.

@Scorned_Royale put themselves in Nancy's shoes and stated, "Nancy should have gone with her gut about his age. And Bartise would not be talking to my mother like that. That's enough for Nancy's brother to slap him at least once. LOL!" @djpisces posted an image of Jay-Z and Beyonce looking absolutely shocked and said, "I can not believe bartise just told Nancy's brother he f***** this all up and Nancy walked off with him." @jasamvillylover also posted a clip of Nancy's brother from the show and wondered why Nancy's brother was able to see through Bartise's deception but not Nancy.

Love is Blind fans think Nancy's brother is the real MVP of the finale

However, these weren't the only comments that have an opinion on the finale of "Love Is Blind." @ozimama2 said Nancy's brother and Bartise, "I love the way Nancy's brothers checked Bartise. A snake will strike if you hold its tail and they immediately picked up on his shady energy. That's exactly how family should be!" Fans over on Reddit were also equally supportive of Nancy's brother, with u/Important-Face7879 saying that they love Nancy's brother because he was the only one that dared to speak up for Nancy and that they bet Bartise knows better now. u/orceus_ascendant added that Nancy's brother knew what was up with Bartise from the start, with caused u/plus8minus5 to reply that Nancy's brother certainly didn't want to be right, considering how many times he said it in the episode.

Ultimately, it seems as if the first ten minutes of the finale for "Love Is Blind" definitely caused fans to develop some rather strong opinions about Nancy's brother and Bartise. Most viewers felt immediate sympathy for Nancy while also offering full support and understanding towards her brother's reaction to the now-called-off wedding. This makes sense, considering that in the previous episode, Nancy's brother really seemed like he was apprehensive about Bartise's intentions. Either way, it appears as if fans have crowned Nancy's brother as the unofficial MVP of this ill-fated wedding in "Love Is Blind."