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Andor Fans Are Singing The New Inmate's Praises For His Help In The Prison Break

Episode 10 of the Disney+ "Star Wars" spin-off "Andor" takes the interwoven threads of its rebels-vs-the-Empire storyline into new territory in a number of ways. While the narrative touches on the intrigues of the rebellion's secretive funding operations going on behind the scenes at the galactic capital Coruscant, the repressive prison environment on the water moon Narkina 5 takes center stage for the episode's most breathtaking sequences.

In the aftermath of the death of Ulaf (Christopher Fairbank) in the prison workshop, Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) presses Kino (Andy Serkis) to finally commit to joining his desperate escape plan. The key motivation for Kino agreeing that now is the time to take this gamble lies in the fact that an entire floor of prisoners was just executed to cover up the truth that no one in the place will ever be freed, but will all live out their lives as inmates. And the pivotal element that might just allow the escape plan to work is the arrival of a new prisoner, with this disruption of the usual routine supplying the opening to mount an all-out, mass breakout attempt. As the new man on the floor is brought into the workshop, Cassian and Kino put their scheme into play, with results that are both inspiring and deadly.

Fans are applauding the new prisoner's ultimate sacrifice during the prison escape

In the "Andor" episode "One Way Out," the new inmate's arrival on the workshop floor triggers the escape plan into motion. Cassian starts the process by jamming the workshop's lift, which in turn signals the other inmates to go after the guards with whatever objects they have to hand. The new man on the floor also gets in on the action, courageously taking down a guard who assaulted him. But even as he helps make the breakout a success he is killed, and fans were quick to salute his brief but gung-ho contribution.

Posting on the r/Star Wars discussion of the episode, user u/johngie cheered, "Mad respect to the new man on the floor. Gets tazed, dishes out a taze of his own, dies for a rebellion he didn't even know existed." Redditor u/hopelessbrows just felt bad for the poor short-timer, saying "I feel so sad for New Guy." But user u/ltreyaway viewed the moment in a different light, posting, "New Guy lived more in his one minute of screen time than most of us will in our whole lives. Don't feel sad for New Guy. Envy New Guy! Be New Guy!" Meanwhile, on the Andor subreddit, user u/futremaline also wanted to highlight the character's heroism and give him a suitable send-off, writing "Can we get a rest in peace for the new guy... God speed new guy, we hardly knew ye."