Fans Are Thrilled Over Keanu Reeves' Reported Reprise Of John Wick In Ballerina Spin-Off

The "John Wick" franchise continues to grow with more sequels and spin-offs on the way. These projects include "The Continental," a TV series that will explore different corners of the High Table's criminal underworld and tell stories from different perspectives. However, "Ballerina" — a movie starring Ana de Armas — is perhaps even more exciting as it will see the return of some familiar faces from the original "John Wick" movies.

It's already been confirmed that "Ballerina" will bring back Ian McShane, who plays Winston in the "John Wick" franchise. The last time we met Winston, he betrayed John (Keanu Reeves) to save his own backside, and it remains to be seen how he'll get out of that pickle. Of course, most fans will be delighted to see the franchise mainstay make an appearance in the spin-off, even if he is a bad guy now.

More excitingly, however, is the return of Reeves as the dog-loving hitman. According to Collider, Reeves will reportedly reprise the role of John Wick in "Ballerina," and fans are understandably delighted.

News of Keanu Reeves joining Ballerina has been well-received by fans

Per the Collider report, Keanu Reeves has been spotted in Prague and is in talks to join the cast of "Ballerina." It's currently unknown if his role will be a cameo or a more significant part, but "John Wick" fans are just happy to learn that he's involved in some capacity — and they've converged on social media to share their delight.

Twitter user @BoesephRJiden is excited to see Ana de Armas in another action role, but Reeves joining the cast is exciting in its own right. "After Gray Man I knew Ana would do great in a spy role. Adding Keanu is just icing on the cake," they wrote. This view was echoed by @ClaudiaGaroutte, who responded to the news with an enthusiastic "YAY!!!"

Elsewhere, @ScarlxWitch noted that the casting announcement is a "Big W" for "Ballerina," while @TrulsNicolai shared their excitement by writing, "Letsss gooo the goat."