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Production On Spirited Kept Ryan Reynolds A Little Too Fit

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us and many retailers blasting Christmas tunes, the holiday season is now officially in full swing. And along with the present-giving and quality time with family, this is also the perfect season for holiday films. Many are already readying for classics such as "A Christmas Story," "Jingle All The Way," and "Home Alone," but 2022 is bringing in another potential contender with Apple TV+'s upcoming "Spirited."

The movie stars Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell, and Octavia Spencer in a plot that takes the familiar "A Christmas Carol" tale and humorously flips it. Reynolds plays a Scrooge-like character named Clint Briggs, who isn't easily swayed by any Christmas Ghosts. However, as a Ghost of Christmas Past, Ferrell's character decides to step up, convinced he can change Briggs' heart. The modern feel and humor of the movie should bring up memories of "Scrooged" with Bill Murray. Yet "Spirited" leans heavily into the musical side of yuletide joy, as it boasts a lot of singing and dancing. For Reynolds, this made starring in the movie a physical challenge, as he admitted in a recent interview.

The actor's Fitbit recorded 28,000 steps a day

For many, the beginning of the new year is marked with new affirmations of a healthier body. Whether through taking advantage of those new membership deals at the local gym or following Christopher Meloni's eyebrow-raising commercial and getting a Peloton (or at least the Peloton app), plenty of folks will seek ways to get fitter. But has anyone ever considered the option of working on a high-energy musical production? While speaking to People Magazine, Ryan Reynolds noted that filming for "Spirited" was quite the workout, causing his Fitbit to record a staggering number of daily steps. Of course, anyone considering following Reynolds' exact steps in this regard should proceed with caution, as he said his work on "Spirited" was one of the most taxing.

"I felt like I was whittled down to next to nothing halfway through the movie," Reynolds said to People. "I mean, we would wear those Fitbits, and you'd see you get like 28,000 steps in a day. It was crazy."

For Reynolds to say how physically daunting shooting "Spirited" was is astonishing, considering his preparation for some of his comic-book movie roles. He's an actor that got jacked to play "Deadpool," which is not easy with all the strict nutrition and intense training. Yet when we look at the "Spirited" trailer, it's easy to see where Reynolds got all his steps. Numerous scenes show off elaborate and heavily choreographed singing and dancing. And we haven't even brought up any potential reshoots he may have had to do. We'll get a better look at the production of "Spirited" when it premieres on November 11, 2022.