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Ryan Reynolds Promises That Deadpool 3 Won't Mess With Logan's Legacy

It's been a busy time for Ryan Reynolds. The actor has had numerous starring roles in films that have come out in the last year and throughout 2022. He led "Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard" alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek, starred in the highly anticipated "Free Guy" movie, and was also the leading man in "Red Notice" and "The Adam Project" on Netflix (via IMDb). Now, he's on a press tour for his upcoming Christmas movie alongside Will Ferrell called "Spirited," which is essentially a musical rendition of Charles Dickens' novel, "A Christmas Carol." While speaking on "The Tonight Show," Reynolds told Jimmy Fallon that he had trouble not acting like Ferrell while performing scenes alongside him. It seems likely that from Reynolds' comments and the promotional videos that have been released about "Spirited," the two actors have a good relationship.

However, it's hard to compete with Reynolds' relationship with Hugh Jackman. The two have notably had a hilarious "frenemy" feud for years, and often poke fun at the other in their own projects — especially "Deadpool," which Reynolds may be known for more than anything else these days. In fact, both Reynolds and Jackman broke the news through a funny Instagram post that "Deadpool 3" will feature the return of Jackman's Wolverine. This is huge for fans, as the actor had previously said 2017's "Logan" would be his last appearance as the character (via The New York Times).

Wolverine's return does bring up some worries, however, and Reynolds was quick to ease our minds in a recent interview.

There were conversations about protecting Wolverine

In the same conversation on "The Tonight Show" where Ryan Reynolds talked about his new movie "Spirited," Jimmy Fallon also brought up the Wolverine return reveal. Reynolds was quick to note that there were conversations with both Hugh Jackman and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige about how they could bring Wolverine back while honoring the past. "We figured out a way to do it that Hugh Jackman approved and Kevin Feige approved, where we're completely protecting the legacy of 'Logan,' the way it was left off," Reynolds explained. "We wouldn't mess with that, and I'm really excited about it," he continued. Reynolds would go on to profess that he feels lucky and grateful to be able to be in the entertainment industry for this long of a time. He also said that he wants to keep working with people that are either "immensely talented" or that he feels are best friends, and then joked that Jackman is neither of those things.

Fortunately, we all know better, and it's clear that Jackman and Reynolds are close and enjoy working together and keeping the gag ongoing. Unfortunately, the "Deadpool 3" release date is a little far out on November 8, 2024. In the meantime, "Spirited" does hit theaters this Friday, November 11, and Apple TV+ on November 18 (via Collider). Fans can also catch Jackman in "The Son," which has a limited theater release on November 25 as well (via Newsweek).