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Ashley Eckstein Geeked Out With Rosario Dawson When She Visited The Ahsoka Set - Exclusive

For the longest time since she was first introduced in the 2008 animated film "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," Ashley Eckstein has been affiliated with Ahsoka Tano. The plucky Padawan to Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka went on to become a prominent player in the TV series, "The Clone Wars," in addition to "Star Wars Rebels" and most recently "Tales of the Jedi." For many fans, Ahsoka epitomizes what it means to be a Jedi, and Eckstein's voice acting work for the character has been exceptional. 

However, like all great characters, from Hamlet to Sherlock Holmes, it's only natural for certain parts to be passed on from one actor to the next. Enter Rosario Dawson, who was cast as the character in live-action projects like "The Mandalorian" and "The Book of Boba Fett." She's set to receive her own series, appropriately titled "Ahsoka," where we'll undoubtedly learn more about the courageous warrior. 

In an exclusive interview with Looper, Eckstein revealed she doesn't have a cameo in "Ahsoka," unfortunately. However, she did share some stories from her time visiting the set, including how she would geek out over the character with Dawson. 

Ashley Eckstein loved meeting Rosario Dawson

First and foremost, Ashley Eckstein was quick to shoot down any rumors that she filmed a cameo for "Ahsoka," but she was hopeful one could potentially materialize for Season 2. Still, it was a dream come true for the actress, as she revealed she finally got the chance to meet Rosario Dawson from visiting the set. "It was a beautiful moment," she explained. "She was so kind and so nice. She was filming something, and she kept running over in between takes. We would chit-chat, and we got to take a photo together."

Eckstein couldn't share what was in the photo due to it containing details related to the show. Such is the secretive nature of working on anything related to "Star Wars." But the two actresses did have a chance to talk about the character, and as Eckstein related, "I was excited to share with her what Ahsoka means to people, and she's seen that as well. She was sharing some of her stories of things that she's seen on social media and how she enjoys re-posting and liking people's Ahsoka posts."

It may have taken a while for the two performers to meet, but it won't be the last. Eckstein shared that the two of them will both be at GalaxyCon taking place in Columbus, Ohio from December 2 to 4. 

"Tales of the Jedi" is now available on Disney+.