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Rumors Of Bob Odenkirk Joining The MCU For Wonder Man Have Fans Buzzing

When it comes to Marvel rumors, big or small, it's always important to remember that they are just that — rumors. But it's also fun for fans to discuss the latest Hollywood gossip on social media, which is currently buzzing right now over an online report that says AMC legend Bob Odenkirk is possibly bringing his talents to the MCU. According to The Illuminerdi, Odenkirk could be joining the "Wonder Man" series led by Yahya Abdul-Matten II.

While it sounds like an easy setup, bringing Odenkirk over to the Marvel side of things would be quite the genre change for the longtime comedy worker and drama actor. Odenkirk has spent the past seven years portraying Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman on "Better Call Saul" and then another half-decade on "Breaking Bad" prior. He's had some different types of roles in-between the two hard-hitting dramas — like a voice part in "Incredibles 2" and the Derek Kolstad action hit "Nobody" — but nothing that even comes close to the spectacle of Marvel. However, fans feel like Odenkirk would ultimately be a great fit, so long as the Mickey Mouse company lets him run free.

MCU fans are comparing Bob Odenkirk to Paul Rudd

When it comes to what fans on social media expect from a Bob Odenkirk appearance in the MCU, many believe the 60-year-old comedy legend would transition smoothly into Disney's more family-friendly and action-based Marvel universe, the same way Paul Rudd did with "Ant-Man." Even the select few who are doubting Odenkirk's MCU acting run think he could somehow make something fit if given the right role.  

"I can't see Odenkirk playing a super hero role for some reason," tweeted @FalkynD. "Then again I thought the same of Paul Rudd but I've really enjoyed his Ant Man." User @TinseltownMayor wrote: "I assume he's playing Simon's agent. It's a good part for him, he gets to do dirtbag comedy and supervillainy, and it's also like the only supporting character Wonder Man has." 

Most fans expect Odenkirk to play William's agent in the comic books, Neal Saroyan, who is described on Marvel.com as the leader of The Nobility crime syndicate. But if that's not who Odenkirk is portraying, then social media users have just one request. If the rumors about Bob Odenkirk joining the MCU for "Wonder Man" are actually true, then fans want Marvel Studios to utilize his talents in the best way possible. "DON'T WASTE HIM," tweeted @tasm_nate in response to The Illuminerdi's report. 

User @YNW_Ian wrote, "Honestly just playing a silly character is right up bobs ally. That's what he was known for until like 10 years ago. I would love him to get a serious acting role in marvel but playing a fun side character isn't a waste at all." At the time of this publication, neither Odenkirk nor Marvel Studios has commented on the matter.