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The Two NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episodes That Daniela Ruah Is Directing

At this point, it's hard to imagine a world that doesn't have at least one "NCIS" series on the air. This intelligent, highly entertaining drama, which has been taking on countless criminal cases since the original series debuted in 2003, spawned a long-running spinoff, "NCIS: Los Angeles," which stars LL Cool J, Chris O'Donnell, and the multi-talented Daniela Ruah. Ruah, whose character Kenzie was introduced in the original series, has been part of the main team investigating military-focused crimes for now over 300 episodes. And as much as Ruah nails her performance week in and week out, she will be wearing the director's cap for a couple of episodes in Season 14.

This isn't the first time Ruah will be leading the production, as she has sat behind the camera before. Fans may know that Ruah made her directorial debut in 2021 when she directed Season 12, Episode 11 ("Russia, Russia, Russia"). And apparently, she impressed, as she went on to display her director's visions with three Season 13 episodes, allowing her to hone her new industry role, which was something she's always dreamed of. "It's a passion I've had for a long time, but I never gave it a try out of fear," she told the Herald News. It's a good thing she got her opportunity, as Ruah is now directing at least two episodes for this current Season 14.

Daniela Ruah is set to direct Episodes 5 and 14 of Season 14

Daniella Ruah has proven to be a highly talented actor, time and time again, as she knocks out impressive performances playing Special Agent Kensi Blye on "NCIS: Los Angeles." And just as she did multiple times in the past, Ruah will be directing at least two episodes of the series' 14th season. When SmashingInterviews dug a bit deeper on the subject, she replied, "Yeah, Episode 5, "Flesh and Blood" and I am on the roster for Episode 14, but sometimes, we get shuffled around." With this production leadership role becoming common, fans are bound to see more installments of the show where Ruah is jumping back and forth between behind the camera and in front of it. While simultaneously playing one of the main characters and directing can't be easy, Ruah says she's definitely been up to the challenge.

When commenting on the back and forth, she says, "I'm still learning so much that while being Kensi is second nature at this point for me, you know, I call action and hurry and say cut, and I'm back to myself." And although Ruah has a few directed episodes under her belt, she admits that there's still so much to learn. "Directing is obviously not second nature. I've only been doing it for three years, and it's such a hefty responsibility when you're sitting in the director's chair." Well, Ruah has bravely taken that responsibility and has already proven to be worthy of it. "Am I going to have to learn to swim in the deep end? Yeah," she explains.  "But that just makes me even that more efficient and functional in any other directing job that may come my way."