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Winx Club Creator Iginio Straffi Promises Fans That They Haven't Seen The Last Of The Franchise

There are few things in this world that have near-universal appeal, and tales of magical beings are present in almost all cultures. Although sometimes these supernatural beings can be fearsome entities, that isn't the case with Iginio Straffi's "Winx Club" franchise, which features positive messages, mind-bending worlds, and colorful faerie characters. According to IMDb, "Winx Club" kicked off in 2004 and ran until 2019, though there have been several spin-off movies and a live-action adaptation called "Fate: The Winx Saga" on Netflix.

Unfortunately, "Fate: The Winx Saga" was recently canceled after two seasons. Showrunner Brian Young said of the series' unceremonious ending, "This is especially tough because I know how many of you loved this season. It's a heartbreaking silver lining, but a silver lining all the same. I'm so proud of everyone who worked on the show, and so happy we got to tell the stories we did." He later added, "It's been an amazing four years. Hopefully we'll see each other again in the future." However, it seems as if Straffi has some words on this matter and has stated that the "Winx" franchise is not yet over.

Iginio Straffi promises more Winx franchise on the horizon

Taking to his Instagram account, Iginio Straffi posted several text blocks that stated that he rarely takes to social media but felt it necessary after the "Fate: The Winx Saga" news. Straffi apologized for the way in which the show was canceled, but he wanted to reassure fans of the "Winx" franchise that there will be new additions to its repertoire. He added, "I am working on many exciting Winx projects in the near future, some of which I take so much join in sharing with you. First off — a brand new CG Winx animated series reboot is going into production. Yes, a reboot that I promise to sweep you back into the Winx world. Stay tuned to know more about it and where to find it. The second piece of news is about my long-time dream to produce a big budget Winx movie that all of you deserve."

Straffi then explained that he was working hard on crafting a top-quality movie for fans of the "Winx" world. He said that the major draws of the franchise — friendship, believing in yourself, empowerment, and a good sense of humor — will remain intact on any future projects. Hopefully, this reassurance from Straffi will help soothe the recent letdown from the cancellation of "Fate: The Winx Saga," as there should be much more "Winx" in the future.