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Young Sheldon Fans Are Divided Over The Lack Of Its Titular Character In Season 6, Episode 6

Now in its 6th season, "Young Sheldon" is exploring more mature themes as its main character enters adolescence and nears adulthood. With frequent narration from his adult counterpart (voiced by none other than "The Big Bang Theory'" star Jim Parsons), Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage) reflects on the world around him as he assesses his place in it with logic and reasoning. However, as the prequel progresses, we see different shades of the Cooper family that offer further insight into Sheldon's home life and explain his many odd habits

Because of Sheldon's impressive intellect, he's already enrolled in college, so it's only natural that he'd become more aware of grown-up dynamics, especially now that his brother Georgie (Montana Jordan) has a baby on the way. Uncle Sheldon is ready to assume more responsibility as he learns about the family's financial problems and even tries to get a job, while hilariously inventing the concept of cryptocurrency well before its booming popularity.  

These witty details are a cheeky nod to the show's clever audience that is quick to share them enthusiastically with fellow fans on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. This transcends Thursday night viewings of new episodes into a communal experience resulting in fervent discussion and commentary on the series' many amusing moments. In "Young Sheldon" Season 6 Episode 6, "An Ugly Car, an Affair and Some Kickass Football," fans are torn over Sheldon's lack of spotlight as the story instead centers on Georgie and their father, George Sr. (Lance Barber).

Fans agree the episode was a standout but are conflicted over why

In an odd turn of events, Sheldon is sidelined while the series explores the blossoming romance between Georgie and Mandy (Emily Osment). In a nostalgic throwback, where Georgie and grandma "Meemaw" (Annie Potts) expand their business into a video store, Mandy begins to see Georgie in a new light. The remainder of the episode focuses on George, whose best friend Wayne (Doc Farrow) is struggling with devastating marital issues, resulting in George reclaiming his job as head football coach. 

Ordinarily, the background employment of a series' main character would be a bad sign. In the case of "Young Sheldon," viewers have become as fond of the Coopers as they are of the opinionated adolescent scientist, making the shared screen time a delight rather than a worry. Although, some fans have stronger opinions that they've taken to Twitter.

One user, @j_jarocki, credits the outstanding quality of this particular episode to that very detail, stating, "This was very good episode I wonder why? Oh that's right barely any Sheldon PLEASE keep it about anyone but Sheldon." Another user, @EarthFae306, agreed, albeit with some ambivalence regarding the episode's lack of Sheldon. "When the show's called #YoungSheldon, but so much drama is going on with the other characters that the titular character has been moved to the back burner throughout the season thus far. Do they know what to do with him anymore?" they asked. A third user, @HonnyDipp, underlined the positive reception of the episode by sharing, "This is one of the best #YoungSheldon episodes of the series!"