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Chicago Med Fans Are Heartbroken Over Vanessa's Exit In Season 8 Episode 6

The "One Chicago" franchise is still going strong in 2022, but it's not the best time to be a fan. If you're into "Chicago P.D." in particular, chances are you're still reeling from the fact that series original Jesse Lee Soffer has left the program behind. Sure, he's transitioned to directing for a single Season 10 episode, but for the time being, viewers have seen the last of Detective Jay Halstead. Sadly, this surprising departure isn't the only one that "One Chicago" die-hards have to contend with, seeing as things continue to worsen for the "Chicago Med" cast list.

Throughout Season 8, one cast member after another has departed "Chicago Med" for one reason or another. Sarah Rafferty, Guy Lockard, and Brian Tee have all bid "One Chicago" fans farewell for the foreseeable future, and yet another name has joined them. On November 2, 2022, the actress behind Dr. Vanessa Taylor, Asjha Cooper, also announced her goodbye from "Chicago Med" with the release of the episode "Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This" (via Variety) — an announcement that has only made fans even sicker of the Season 8 cast exits.

With Vanessa Taylor officially gone from "Chicago Med," fans of the character and Asjha Cooper, who has brought her to life since her introduction in 2021, have taken to social media to express how heartbroken they are over their sudden exit.

Fans wish Vanessa's run wasn't over so soon

Once it came to light that Asjha Cooper's Vanessa Taylor was officially a "Chicago Med" alum and the credits rolled on "Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This," fans flooded Twitter with their sad reactions to her leaving. "i knew it would eventually come but vanessa's gone, my heart is broken and i'm gonna miss her so much," wrote @teabaghs, with @MeetUsatMollys tweeting, "VANESSA IS LEAVING TOO?!?!? MY HEART CAN'T TAKE THIS." @caffreyshandler felt similar feelings, commenting, "Losing Vanessa already," accompanied by a sad emoji to further get their emotions across.

These Twitter posts, as well as others from the likes of @Upton55055 and @boopgirl78, make it abundantly clear that "Chicago Med" fans on the platform already miss Vanessa Taylor. Over on the Reddit side of the online fan community, a few shared their thoughts on her farewell, too. "Oh Vanessa is leaving too...crap!" u/Lily_Of_The_Valley10 said in a comment, and u/zeissman noted, "This show's got a revolving door." Considering just how many people have departed "Chicago Med" during Season 8 alone, their statement couldn't be more accurate. One can only hope things improve from here on out.

Time will tell if we'll see Asjha Cooper return as Vanessa Taylor on "Chicago Med" down the road, but if one thing's for certain, it's that if she does, her comeback will make tons of folks in the fandom very happy.