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The Sandman's Jenna Coleman Teases Her Return In Season 2

In Netflix's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's graphic novel "The Sandman," Jenna Coleman plays two versions of Johanna Constantine: a modern-day exorcist based on the character of John Constantine from DC comics and her 18th-century ancestor Lady Johanna Constantine. In an interview with Netflix's Tudum, Coleman explained that she started developing the character based on scripts she received without knowing who the character was that she was to play. "What was great is that I'd already built from what I'd read based on the writing alone before I even knew [I was playing Johanna]. What was great was it allowed me to have a very instinctive reaction to [co-creator Allan Heinberg's] writing as opposed to being previously influenced by anything."

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Coleman was asked if she had heard about fans calling for a spin-off based around Johanna Constantine, and the "Doctor Who" actor said it was Gaiman himself who suggested it to her and that it's something he really wants to do. While John Constantine is a character in Gaiman's "The Sandman," the character was actually not created by Gaiman but by Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, and John Totleben, having made his first canonical appearance in "Saga of the Swamp Thing" #37 in 1985. The character has been adapted into a 2005 film starring Keanu Reeves and a 2014 NBC series starring Matt Ryan. Coleman's spin-off would be the third live-action adaptation of the character. However, Gaiman might not have the rights to the character to make such a series.

But before that happens, there's still Season 2 of "The Sandman," and Coleman teased on Instagram that Johanna Constantine may meet Dream of the Endless once again.

Is Jenna Coleman returning for Sandman Season 2?

Shortly after Deadline reported that "The Sandman" had been renewed for a second season at Netflix, Jenna Coleman posted a picture to Instagram of Johanna Constantine and Dream (Tom Sturridge) from the first season of "The Sandman" with the caption "To come...#TheSandman returns," which many saw as an indication that Coleman will appear as Constantine once again in Season 2 of the Netflix series. Fans immediately responded positively in the comments. "PLEASE TELL ME WE'RE SEEING MORE OF JOHANNA???" wrote the excited Instagram user reversecanary. "[I] need dream & johanna to share more scenes in S2 because their banter and chemistry were off the charts," wrote user cinnamonmarti_. There were similar enthusiastic responses elsewhere on social media. The Jenna Coleman Twitter fan account @thejennacult posted a screenshot of the picture from Instagram with the caption, "JENNA OH MY GODDDDD."

While Coleman's post on Instagram was of the modern-day Johanna, if the series is to follow the comics, it's more likely that the ancestor Lady Johanna will be the one returning. Season 1 of the Netflix series followed the story of the comics up to roughly "Sandman" Vol 2 #18. The next appearance of either Constantine is when Dream visits Lady Johanna Constantine in "Sandman" Vol 2 #29. Of course, that could always change in Netflix's adaptation. Regardless, fans of Jenna Coleman should be thrilled at the likelihood of her return.