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Netflix Has Finally Given The Sandman A Season 2 Renewal

Fans of Netflix's "The Sandman" got a major surprise only a couple of weeks after its premiere, with the streamer dropping a two-part bonus episode. Unfortunately, this news didn't come with an update on a 2nd season, but now Netflix has put rumors to rest by officially giving the green light to another installment of the adaptation of Neil Gaiman's world of dreams, per Deadline

The series, adapted by David S. Goyer and Allan Heinberg, brought in massive streaming numbers for Netflix. It racked up more than 198 million viewing hours in its first 10 days of release alone, per Forbes. Such numbers are needed if the reported price tag of the series is to be believed, with each episode of "The Sandman" allegedly costing upwards of $15 million, according to a report from Deadline

This renewal should be especially welcome news for fans of Dream (Tom Sturridge) and Gaiman's world as the writer himself was shooting down cancellation rumors circulating on Twitter and drawing the concern of some fans

Neil Gaiman has been debunking Sandman cancellation rumors

New episodes of "The Sandman" will be based on multiple volumes of "The Sandman," DC Comics revealed in a since-deleted tweet, according to Deadline

Some fans may have been under the impression the show had gotten the axe from Netflix after headlines began appearing on Twitter announcing "The Sandman" was over following Season 1. Neil Gaiman took to shooting down the rumors himself as users spread the fake news. 

"Sucks to be @neilhimself right now," Twitter user @ReallouisBr1 wrote. It was one of the multiple messages Gaiman directly responded to. "It's pretty good to be me. I mean, at least I can spot a fake Twitter account," the author wrote in response to the false news about his show. Gaiman is invested in the show beyond it just being an adaptation of his work. He helped develop the series with David S. Goyer and Allan Heinberg, and he counts himself among the show's executive producers. 

As of the time of writing, there's no indication as to when we can expect Season 2 of "The Sandman" to drop on Netflix. But considering how long they've waited to get confirmation that it's coming at all, fans are no doubt relieved by this news.