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The CW Owners Decide Not To Expand The First Seasons Of Walker: Independence And The Winchesters

Creatives under the newly formed Warner Bros. Discovery corporate umbrella in any way are quickly realizing the ice looks thin for just about everybody. Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav promised billions of dollars in cuts shortly after the newly-merged company was announced, and corporate axe wielders have not been afraid to back up that promise, per The Wrap

Among other cost-cutting moves, the $90 million "Batgirl" movie was canceled in favor of a tax write-off, despite a cast that included Brendan Fraser, Michael Keaton as Batman, and more. The CW is primarily owned by Nexstar, while Warner Bros. Discovery owns a minority stake, via Variety. CW comic book-based series such as "Legends of Tomorrow" and "Batgirl" have recently gotten canceled. Now the network is being hit with more unfortunate news as freshman series "The Winchesters" and "Walker: Independence" will not be receiving back orders for additional episodes for their first seasons. 

It's a surprising move, considering both are spin-offs of other successful CW shows, with "Winchesters" serving as a prequel to "Supernatural" and "Walker: Independence" doing the same for "Walker." "Supernatural" star Jensen Ackles even returned to his role as Dean Winchester for "The Winchesters" and also serves as a producer. His "Supernatural" co-star Jared Padalecki, meanwhile, serves as one of the producers behind "Walker: Independence."

According to the report on the lack of new episode orders for both new series, the decision does not serve as a cancellation for either. 

The Winchesters and Walker: Independence might still get second seasons

The first seasons of "The Winchesters" and "Walker: Independence" will stand at 13 episodes each as new episodes are not being ordered, according to a report from Deadline

This, however, may not be a solid indication of either show's future. Deadline reported that CW president Dennis Miller told producers the lack of additional episodes applies to all freshman series and decisions on whether to greenlight seconds seasons have not been made yet. 

Numerous other CW shows are also ending long runs this year, including "The Flash" and "Riverdale," the outlet added. "The Winchesters" and "Walker: Independence," being new shows, have yet to rack up increasing costs after years on the air and both are attached to solid CW properties, with "Supernatural" ending in 2020 after a whopping 15 seasons and "Walker" airing its 3rd season on the network. While this doesn't mean either show is safe, the connections could suggest both series could serve as a chapter for the network after ending so many other series that made up its schedule for years now. 

Nexstar also announced that more than two dozen CW employees were also let go as part of overall cost-cutting measures, per Variety