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The Good Doctor Fans Are Not Happy About The Two Week Wait For Season 6 Episode 6

Back in the pre-streaming, pre-DVD days of television, when binging was just something you did with food or alcohol, waiting in between episodes of your favorite show was a common practice, a necessary evil. Now, the wait of even just a week in between episodes of a good show can seem unbearable, and when an episode gets delayed for whatever reason the wait can seem downright tragic. That's the situation that many fans of ABC's "The Good Doctor" now find themselves in, as the show's next installment has been held off the air for an extra week for unknown reasons.

On Halloween night during the show's usual Monday night timeslot, fans were treated to a Halloween special of "The Good Doctor," but now the wait for Season 6, Episode 6 has an extra week tacked on, as ABC decided to give the show a rest. It's not clear why this decision was made, but if ABC was hoping to gauge audience response to the delayed gratification, it certainly did the trick, because fans online seem despondent over the extra week of waiting to see how the intrigues and interpersonal drama (as well as secondhand embarrassment) between Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) and the rest of the St. Bonaventure Hospital staff play out.

Fans are eager to see the show's milestone 100th episode

The upcoming sixth episode of the sixth season of "The Good Doctor" isn't just notable for the mysterious weeklong pause in its release schedule. As pointed out by "The Good Doctor" fan account @SheaSquad_ on Twitter, the episode will serve as the show's 100th, a milestone that relatively few TV series get to reach.

Despite the good tidings of the 100th episode of the show, fans of "The Good Doctor" aren't too happy about the unanticipated two-week wait before it hits their screens. Tweets like this one from @fancehuh or this one from @morbeen4444 sum it up, with lamentations of "two weeks!?" flying about the "Good Doctor" fandom's corners of Twitter.

While the weeklong break in the release schedule for "The Good Doctor" came as a surprise to the show's fans, even longer hiatuses in between seasons are not unusual in the world of TV production (via Express), so fans should count themselves lucky they only have to wait an extra week to continue watching the show. It won't be easy, though, especially given the episode's intriguing title: "Hot and Bothered."

If you haven't yet caught up on the show, here's where you can stream "The Good Doctor" and join in on all this exciting fan enthusiasm.