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The Good Doctor Fans Have Second-Hand Embarrassment For Jordan After Season 6 Episode 4

Contains spoilers for "The Good Doctor" Season 6, Episode 4

Like any medical dramas worth their mettle, "The Good Doctor" Season 6 does what the name of the genre implies: It intersperses the medical parts of the plot with copious amounts of drama, on personal, professional and romantic fronts alike. The titular good doctor, Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), has more than his share of trouble on all of those fronts. 

However, he's not the only one. Several of the characters have their own troubles over the course of the series, including Dr. Jordan Allen (Bria Samoné Henderson). Though she's a relative newcomer in the series, she's had her share of plot twists and turns ... and one of the most recent developments in her story has made many fans cringe as they watch. Let's take a look at the reason some "The Good Doctor" fans have serious second-hand embarrassment for Jordan after the show's Season 6, Episode 4. 

Fans cringed when Perez nearly kissed Jordan

"The Good Doctor" Season 6 Episode 4 features a moment when Dr. Danny Perez (Brandon Larracuente) almost — but not quite — kisses Jordan, pulling away at the last moment after much flirting. This abrupt end to what could have been a nice romantic moment is awkward enough that it has sent shivers down many a fan's spine. 

"Oh Danny played Jordan bad! Made a complete fool out of her. They will probably give it a lovable reasonable explanation next week, but people like that exist and do things like that all the time," redditor u/tvuniverse analyzed the scene. "Yeah, I felt for Jordan with her '...wait, what...?' reaction at the end there. Ouch," u/Annber03 replied. "I actually covered my eyes during that scene with Jordan. It was so awkward. I was embarrassed for her," u/BellaApple504 described their deep secondhand embarrassment during the scene. 

Fans on Twitter expressed very similar sentiments, with users like @lovely2ho and @gramfurn commenting on the kiss that never was. "Oh poor Jordan! What was that about?" @Jeano467 summed up the experience.  

Like u/tvuniverse suspected, it's entirely possible that the situation will be resolved in an amicable way in upcoming episodes. Still, with just this awkward scene to go by, several fans are clearly sympathizing with Jordan and feeling her embarrassment.