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Alaskan Bush People Fans Were Absolutely Disgusted By Bird Brown's Raw Fish Scene In Season 14 Episode 5

Despite the show's title, fans were pretty surprised to learn that the stars of "Alaskan Bush People" don't actually live in Alaska. The late Billy Brown and his son Joshua pled guilty to fraud charges in 2016 after collecting state assistance when they weren't actually residents of Alaska (via CNN). Nowadays, a good chunk of the show takes place on the family's property in Washington state. However, the original atmosphere of the show remains intact. The Browns continue to stick together through thick and thin, braving the great outdoors with a much more intense mindset than that of the average camper. Ever since the series premiered in 2014, the family's connection to nature has been the foundation of the narrative (via IMDb).

As storylines take shape, sprawling forests, open waterways, and stunning mountains provide an incredible backdrop for all the drama. Even though the show isn't filmed where you think, Noah Brown is trying to change that. In an effort to find property back in Alaska so that he can move there with his family, Noah brings his sisters Bird and Rain for a jaunt on the family's boat, The Integrity. It's a great setting for a nice family vacation, but one scene had viewers balking.

Alaskan Bush People star Bird Brown bites the head off of a fish for luck

Season 14 has featured several storylines thus far, but Noah, Rain, and Bird's trip to Alaska has been a main focus. The latest episode, titled "No Sleep Till Petersburg," follows the family on a boat trip to a town where a beautiful piece of land is being sold to the highest bidder. Even though there are a few technical difficulties, the siblings take the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. However, this is "Alaskan Bush People," so things can only be serene for so long. As they're setting up crab traps, Bird decides to do a little something special for good luck and bites the head off of a dead fish to use as bait. Even as her sister gags beside her, Bird continues munching on fish heads until the traps are full.

Fans of the series were caught between amusement and disgust. "Umm... they surely have knives," wrote Twitter user @Delta61556942, while another user simply said, "Eww." On the other hand, some viewers couldn't help but appreciate the scene for its comedic value. "I liked the look of horror on your nephew's face when you did that," said Twitter user @LittleGirlShine, pointing out that Noah's son clearly enjoyed his aunt's antics. "Later that evening: YO BIRDY OPEN UP THIS CANNED MEAT," joked user @ogmadslick4. Even though the moment was pretty gross, Bird's unorthodox skills have definitely served her well in the Alaskan wilderness.