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Jennifer Coolidge Attributes Her Career Renaissance To Streaming

Recently, the one and only Jennifer Coolidge has been as visible as she's ever been in her lengthy career. Apart from winning her first ever Primetime Emmy win (per IMDb) for her role in "The White Lotus," she's also shined in projects like the Academy Award-winning (via IMDb) "Promising Young Woman," and most recently, "American Horror Story" creator Ryan Murphy's Netflix miniseries "The Watcher."

It's clear that Coolidge's riding the wave of popularity right now, and it turns out that she knows it very well. Looper was in attendance for a presser for "The Watcher," during which Murphy openly praised Coolidge's improvisation in her most memorable "The Watcher" scenes. During the same event, Coolidge herself shared a very singular thing she credits for her reemergence in recent years: The rise of streaming platforms as media consumption channels. Let's take a look at why Jennifer Coolidge attributes her career renaissance to streaming.

Coolidge thinks streaming platform users enjoy messier characters

During the presser, Ryan Murphy discussed Jennifer Coolidge's current success, and reminisced on their work together on Murphy's FX plastic surgery drama "Nip/Tuck." He then asked Coolidge what she thinks about her current success, and the actor was quick to reveal that while she doesn't have a definite answer, she nevertheless has some thoughts about the potential reason behind her popularity in recent years.

"Maybe it's you know, just not having it together," the actor said. "You know, because people are streaming, and maybe the streaming audience is, maybe [they] like someone who doesn't have it together more than the other crowd."

In many roles in her career, Coolidge certainly plays characters that don't quite have it all figured out. Regardless of whether her suspicion that the streaming audience might prefer such characters is true, it can't be denied that plenty of people are appreciating her these days – and the world of entertainment is all the better for it.

"The Watcher" is available for viewing on Netflix.