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Whatever Happened To GloveStix After Shark Tank?

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Aside from the lucky few, most people don't know what it feels like to suddenly get a legitimate million dollar idea. And to add to that, it's even harder to imagine what it's like to not only have that great idea, but to then invest all time and money into starting an independent business for it to thrive. However, taking that new business and laying it all out on the line, on national TV, in front of the predators on "Shark Tank," well, that has to be incomprehensible. That is, except to the brave bait that steps onto that ABC set. All that hard work, investment, and dedication can all be pretty much wiped away in a ten minute segment, turning that million dollar idea into chum. 

In Season 9, Episode 8, of ABC's "Shark Tank," Crystal Woods presented her GloveStix invention to the sharks. Woods explained how she was a mother of athletic kids who would contaminate just about every space they would enter with sports equipment-odor that could possibly kill a small animal. The product's website explains that the purpose of the GloveStix is for them to be inserted into lacrosse or hockey gloves to kill the bacteria that are living inside and deodorize simultaneously. With the use of silver ions, which attack the bacteria, the product battles odors whenever the athletes are not using the gloves. It sounded like one of those one-in-a-lifetime ideas, and for Woods, it was enough odor relief to take her GloveStix into the tank. But, how did these sharp toothed mega-entrepreneurs react?    

GloveStix is available to any parent looking for fresh air

Whether you're a parent of an athletic kid, or an athlete yourself, Crystal Wood's GloveStix seemed to be the perfect solution to combat odor from bacteria-filled hockey and lacrosse gloves. But, how did the sharks feel about it? Well, on this particular episode, which featured baseball star Alex Rodriguez as a guest shark, Woods went in front of the panel, asking for $150,000 for 10% of her new business. After a few drop outs from sharks, Lori Greiner teamed up with Rodriguez to offer that exact dollar amount for 20%, but eventually agreed to 17.5%. Woods had her self a deal! However, that episode aired a handful of years ago. What's up with those GloveStix today?

When talking to BusinessToCommunity, Woods reveals that the product took off soon after the episode aired. "I did so much business in the first few months, I didn't even have time to do anything else," she revealed. As for the current status of the product and where it's thriving, Woods says,"Online, of course! Everyone shops online. That's where it's at and where it's going." Well, that's exactly where these nasal life-savers currently can be found. When looking at the GloveStix website, it appears to be the prime location for air-gasping parents to browse through, to purchase a variety of these bacteria-destroying products. In addition, GloveStix is also available on Amazon.