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Family Guy's Alex Borstein Would Only Leave The Show If The Scripts Stop Being Funny

All things, good or bad, must end, right? Or at least, this seems to be the case when it comes to a TV series. Despite any thirst for more, classics such as "Seinfeld," "The Sopranos," and "M*A*S*H" have all hit the finish line, ending fans' connections with their beloved characters. However, there's something about popular animated shows, which seem to have more of an opportunity to defy the standard TV lifespan. "South Park" and "The Simpsons" are prime examples of how illustrated characters seem to sidestep the inevitable.

It's interesting to think about why these animated shows have the ability to avoid a level of redundancy, in which the majority of live-action series experience. Possibly, it's because of the character-aging factor. While writers of live-action series need to adjust to the universal aging of their actors, shows like "Family Guy" have their on-screen stars seemingly frozen in time. And thanks to this advantage, the Griffin family and friends have hardly changed in the show's more than two decades run.

However, as immortal as these animated characters are, the voice-actors behind them are obviously not. When it comes to "Family Guy," it appears that its conclusion will only occur when the stars say so. For Alex Borstein, the Fox show has been a steady gig, season after season. And when it comes to taking her final bow, the actor says the determining factor rests on the shoulders of the show's writers.

As long as Alex Borstein's keeps laughing, Lois will live on

How great of a job it must be to voice a character on an animated TV series. On top of being able to work on other projects simultaneously, these actors can show up to the recording studio dressed however they want, with no camera ever pointed at them. And for nearly 400 episodes, Alex Borstein has enjoyed a steady gig on "Family Guy." With the show's series finale nowhere in sight, it seems it will continue for as long as the performers want. For Borstein, that time will come when she no longer finds the written material funny.

Borstein recently spoke to PopCulture.com, and she claims to be hanging around because the show is still enjoyable for her. "I love those people; I love that character," she says. And when discussing if and when she would ever step away from the show, Borstein deflected that decision to the creative team, saying, "[I'll stay] as long as the writers are able to come up with stories that in some way are fresh and interesting. Every time I read a script, I laugh out loud. So, that's my measure. My barometer is, if I'm still laughing when I receive a script, then it's still a pleasure to do."

Because of the longevity of "Family Guy," Borstein has had the privilege of being selective on other projects. She told Variety, "I'm not looking to just sign on to things just to sign on to things. But there's a movie I've written that I want to do. There's a book that I'm working on. I'm doing a stand-up special, and those are the kind of things that I feel excited about. It's afforded me those opportunities."