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What Abbott Elementary Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Must-watch mockumentary sitcom "Abbott Elementary" has been drawing audiences in droves since its debut in December 2021. Viewers just can't get enough of its hilarious take on the inner workings of the titular Philadelphia school. A public institution that educates a predominantly Black student population, Abbott doesn't get the money, support, or management it needs, which leaves the teachers and staff to fend for themselves. While this is often frustrating, Abbott's educators are a resourceful bunch. They're also absolutely hilarious.

What makes "Abbott Elementary" truly special are its characters. Relentlessly idealistic protagonist Janine, adorably awkward Jacob, tough-as-nails Melissa, elegant Barbara, attention-seeking Ava, dependably calm Gregory, and confusingly eccentric Mr. Johnson are a truly unforgettable bunch. With such a varied portfolio of characters to root for, it's hard not to find someone you relate to. This is a little like the zodiac: No matter what day you were born, there's a sign you fall under. Why not bring these two things together? There's someone walking Abbott's halls that gets exactly where you're coming from, and the stars can reveal who they are. What "Abbott Elementary" character are you, based on your zodiac sign? Read on to find out.

Aquarius: Janine Teagues

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are optimistic, forward-thinking people, always dreaming up new ways to improve the world and help the people in it. Their symbol is the water bearer, which represents their giving and selfless nature. No explanation is needed, then, for why this sign goes to Abbott's number-one teacher, Janine Teagues (Quinta Brunson). 

The most upbeat and cheery person at Abbott (and possibly the entire world), Janine is an absolute ray of sunshine. She puts her whole heart into her work, stopping at nothing to make sure her students get the resources, support, and education they deserve. Not only does she work relentlessly, she does so in an inspiringly creative manner, constantly coming up with innovative ways to overcome the many, many obstacles in her path.

While a charitable mindset is definitely one of this sign's strengths, it can also be one of their weaknesses. Being this idealistic means that Aquarians are easily discouraged when things don't go their way. However, Janine only falls into this Aquarius pitfall on rare occasions, and usually bounces back in a flash. Though no one could blame her if she did lose a little pep in her step from time to time, she somehow refuses to let herself be turned into a cynic by the lackluster system she's constantly going up against.

Pisces: Jacob Hill

Sensitive, sweet, and caring, Jacob Hill (Chris Perfetti) is just about as Pisces as it gets. He's incredibly kind, and always willing to lend others a hand. Honestly, he's almost too kind, to the point that he occasionally annoys his friends and co-workers. But no one can get mad at a baby face like that for long. He's downright adorable, and his heart is in the right place.

Like so many Pisceans, Jacob is also incredibly creative, and lets his imagination guide his idealism. His quirky ideas may come off as corny (his performance in Season 2's "Story Samurai" is a particularly great example of this) but he never stops trying new things. This makes Jacob an amazing teacher, as does his Piscean empathy. Jacob might be a bit too desperate to be "with it," but nothing clouds his focus on being there for the kids, no matter what. This compassionate attitude always puts him on the right path, even if it takes a while. It also makes him an excellent friend to Janine, especially when she's going through tough times.

Aries: Taylor

Aries folks are brave, tough, and defiantly risk-taking. They act now and think later, often diving head-first into situations without so much as a life jacket. These traits are best represented not by any of the teachers or administrators at Abbott, but by one of their offspring: Taylor Howard (Iyana Halley), daughter of Barbara. While you might think that being raised by Abbott's all-knowing elder means Taylor is wise and responsible, it's actually quite the opposite.

As we see when they fight over Taylor's career in Season 1's "Open House," Barbara can be a bit of a smothering helicopter parent. Ever the fiery Aries, Taylor doesn't want to live her life according to her mother's plans, and resists all attempts to make her do so. She's tough — you kind of have to be when you're Barbara's daughter — and will figure things out for herself, even if the path she takes is one her mother doesn't understand. But while she might find her mother's worrying annoying, Taylor can take comfort in knowing that it comes from a place of love. Not everyone can be an Aries, and Aries must work to accept that.

Taurus: Mr. Johnson

If there's one thing to say about Taurus, it's that this sign is stubborn. Based on this trait alone, it's safe to say that Mr. Johnson (William Stanford Davis) is a sturdy stand-in for these bull-headed members of the zodiac. While we know a lot about his work as a janitor at Abbott Elementary, it's unclear what the rest of his life looks like. His personality is also a bit of mystery: Sometimes he's eager to dispose of trash, but sometimes he's extremely reluctant to roll up his sleeves. And when he's reluctant, he can't be moved.

This reluctance has nothing to do with a lack of willingness to work. In fact, Taureans are extremely hard workers. However, they're also incredibly independent and have a strong aversion to authority. This is yet another by-product of their innate stubbornness: They always feel like they know what's best, and have trouble taking orders from others. For Mr. Johnson, there's also the fact that there's just so much in need of fixing at Abbott, it's hard to really make a dent — especially when the teachers are clueless about what they're asking him to do. Good thing he has his Taurean stability to keep him sane.

Gemini: Courtney

Courtney (Lela Hoffmeister) is a great example of both the best and worst Gemini traits. This sign can be manipulative, which Courtney definitely is: She lives to cause problems for her teachers. This kid thrives on drama and chaos, constantly scheming and using her cleverness to get what she wants. She's also quite two-faced, posing as an innocent child to further her mischievous plans. But before you come down too hard on Courtney, remember this: Geminis are incredibly intelligent, and therefore tend to get bored very easily. When they find themselves lacking outlets for their curiosity, they often mess with others — and get away with it, because they're so smart. Courtney needs mental stimulation, not sheer punishment. 

As we see in Season 1's "Student Transfer," Courtney isn't able to fool everyone. Janine, being the dedicated and observant teacher she is, sees past Courtney's trouble-making ways to the real problem: She's just too smart. Once she gives Courtney more challenging schoolwork, she becomes a breeze to handle. While this sign may seem like a lot to handle, they're really just misunderstood. Offer up a quick puzzle or a brain teaser, and Geminis are good to go — and a lot more likely to put their mental prowess towards positive goals.

Cancer: Zach

Deeply emotional and incredibly sentimental, Cancers are endearing people. Always kind, always caring, and always considerate, only the most compassionate people can earn a place among them. This spot can therefore only be granted to Zach (Larry Owens), Jacob's adorable boyfriend. With his warm smile and excellent intentions, Zach is a walking teddy bear. As we see when he offers to help the Abbott Elementary teachers amidst their desking epidemic in Season 1's "Desking," Zach wants nothing more than to spread love and help others, even if they've only just met.

Cancers aren't just bleeding hearts, though — they're also fun-loving, goofy people who provide necessary relief in stressful situations. These traits come through in Zach's upbeat and humorous personality, which is a sharp contrast to the stressful and chaotic energy looming over Abbott. One has to wonder how such a laid-back guy puts up with Jacob's anxiously hyper presence all the time, but being the empathetic and understanding Cancer he is, it's probably just a built-in skillset. Thank god Jacob has someone to balance him out, though — who knows what he would be like without Zach's grounding influence?

Leo: Ava Coleman

Ava Coleman (Janelle James) is the poster child for confident, attention-drawing Leos everywhere. She's a bold character who isn't afraid to have all eyes on her. In fact, she'd be devastated if they weren't. Luckily, her fans can find her on social media and tune in to her live streams when they get their inevitable craving for all things Ava.

Not only is Ava a natural-born star, she's also a beauty, and a huge flirt (ask Gregory, he'll confirm). This should come as no surprise, as Leos are adept at romance and enjoy flaunting their gifts. Who is she to deny anyone access to her intoxicating presence? Ava, like so many born under this sign, is pretty sure it would be doing a great disservice to the world if she didn't put herself out there as boldly as possible.

The Leo in Ava shines most brightly in her role as principal. Leos are strong leaders who are not afraid to take charge and command the spotlight. Ava isn't always the most selfless educator (or person in general), often opting for the path of least resistance and most personal gain. But underneath it all, she does care about others, and knows how to get things done when they truly need doing. She just also happens to care about herself ... a lot. Some might call it narcissism, but Ava would call it self-love. Knowing this is this sign's greatest character strength. If you asked Ava, people should be taking notes, and she might not be wrong.

Virgo: Barbara Howard

Virgos are one of the most practical and reliable zodiac signs. It only makes sense, then, that Abbott's wisest teacher, Barbara Howard (Sheryl Lee Ralph) represents this sign. Barbara is a sensible, grounded, hardworking teacher who's been around the block more than her fair share of times. She has a zero-tolerance policy for foolishness, which enables her to be a truly excellent educator.

While Virgo's strict, non-nonsense attitude is usually very productive, it can be a roadblock to getting Virgos to branch out and try new things. Barbara definitely shares this hesitance to change: She always opts to play things old school. The veteran teacher has little patience for naïve do-gooders like Janine, who are just going to waste her time with new-fangled technology. This might seem harsh, but when you've been teaching as long as she has, it's hard not to be cynical or stubborn. You know what works, and you know what doesn't, and that's that.

While not being afraid to voice their opinions is definitely a strength, it's easy for Virgos to take this too far. They often come off as overly harsh or critical as a result. But Virgos' comments come from a place of love and wisdom. Barbara might seem a bit mean sometimes, but the truth is, she cares so deeply about Abbott that she just can't bear to see it succumb to foolishness.

Libra: Sahar

Libras are one of the artsiest signs of the zodiac. Sahar (Mitra Jouhari), being an artist, is a great example of this sign. Libras aim for beauty in all things, and emphasize aesthetics and high culture. To some, especially those more accustomed to environments like Abbott Elementary than the high-brow world Sahar is native to, this may come off as pretentious. However, it's hard to deny that she does have an excellent eye. She may be lacking more down-to-earth qualities,  but she's definitely not lacking in talent.

In true Libra fashion, Sahar is also passionate about peace, justice, and societal harmony. Seemingly contradictorily, one of this sign's greatest downfalls is a tendency towards pushiness. We see this on full display in Season 1's "Art Teacher," when Sahar cuts up the kids' books for an art project. In Sahar's defense, she thought she was helping, but she should have thought about what others might make of this effort. When Libras make missteps like this, it's because they have a particular vision. They see it so clearly that things like sensitivity and patience slide out of focus. At the end of the day, they just want to bring out the best in everything ... even if they don't always know how.

Scorpio: Melissa Schemmenti

As one of the more intense signs of the zodiac, it's only right that Scorpio be represented by Melissa Schemmenti (Lisa Ann Walter), one of the most hardcore teachers at Abbott Elementary. Hailing from the mean streets of South Philly, it takes a lot to rattle Melissa, and not much to set her off. Scorpios are incredibly brave, loyal, and passionate people, so before you go messing with her, you better have made peace with your maker.

Scorpios are marked by being very protective and prideful. Insults to their dignity, reputation, or loved ones are met with swift retribution. This isn't anything to take lightly, as Scorpios are also very calculating, intelligent, and determined — when they want someone taken down, they won't hold back. But Scorpios also stand a good chance of commanding people's respect. When it comes to Melissa and all the good she's done for Abbott despite years of impossible challenges and letdowns, respect is the least of what she deserves.

Melissa's strength and skill make her a classic Scorpio. However, there's also a lot we don't know about her, as she tends to keep what goes on in her personal life under wraps. This only reinforces her Scorpio nature — no sign in the zodiac holds things closer to the vest. The small bits of personal information she does share are always so impressive and intimidating, it's probably best we're kept in the dark about her dealings.

Sagittarius: Tariq Temple

Playful, fun-loving, and incredibly aspirational, Sagittarians are dreamers who aren't afraid to let their talents shine. They go big, or they go home — and they usually don't go home. This sign is incredibly creative, often funneling their unique talents into the arts. These traits shine bright in Tariq Temple (Zack Fox), Janine's now ex-boyfriend. An aspiring rapper, he's a classic example of this sign's most positive qualities ... even if he is a bit of a fool.

While his lyrics may not be for everyone (Sagittarians are known to be a bit too honest at times, and Tariq does spit truth) and he hasn't yet made it to the big leagues, Tariq is making progress in his musical career. He's even offered a job touring in New York in the show's Season 1 finale, "Zoo Balloon." That's the thing about Sagittarians: They aren't afraid to take risks. Even if something isn't a sure thing, as long as there's even the slightest chance that it might be the next step on the path to their success, they're going for it with a running start. We're glad Janine broke up with Tariq, but we also can't help but admire his optimism and zeal.

Capricorn: Gregory Eddie

Stable, organized, disciplined, and an extremely hard worker, Gregory Eddie (Tyler James Williams) is clearly a Capricorn. These folks are incredibly ambitious go-getters. This is the trait that brings Gregory to Abbott Elementary in the first place: He applies for the principal's position, but gets beaten out by Ava (who has blackmail on her side). However, one little setback isn't going to stop a Capricorn from getting where they want to be. Thankfully for those who have come to know and love this character, Gregory opts to accept a temporary (and eventually permanent) teaching position instead.

In addition to getting things done, Capricorns love structure and consistency — not just in their career, but in relationships as well. This is good, but it may not always be the most healthy thing. What else has strong structure and consistency? Walls — and that's exactly what Capricorns are known to put up when it comes to expressing their emotions. Typically, they opt to maintain their stoic, stony-faced defenses at all costs. We see this in Gregory's inability to communicate his feelings, both in Season 2's "Wrong Delivery" when he avoids breaking up with his girlfriend, and throughout the whole show, as he avoids his obvious feelings for Janine. Once he finally gets over his classically Capricorn inability to put his feelings out there, Gregory will be all the better for it — even if it means postponing leg day.