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What's The Song At The End Of NCIS: Hawai'i Season 2, Episode 6?

"NCIS Hawai'i" is moving quickly through its second season with Episode 6 last night, titled "Changing Tides." So far, the season has featured quite a few adventurous cases, including the massive season premiere episode crossover event with "NCIS." Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey), Kai Holman (Alex Tarrant), Lucy Tara (Yasmine Al-Bustami), Jesse Boone (Noah Mills), Ernie Malik (Jason Antoon), and Kate Whistler (Tori Anderson) have dealt with supposed mythical monsters on sacred Hawaiian land and even a murderous street racer. However, "Changing Tides" features a dangerous case involving a Marine who accidentally died due to a fentanyl overdose while near the ocean water. The investigation escalates relatively quickly, as Kai and Jesse discover a sunken plane — which used to be full of the drug — leaking into the waters.

However, a group of divers including Tyler Malone (Kyle Leatherberry) came and stole the rest of the stash, which originally belonged to a Colombian cartel. They naturally wanted their product back and hunted Tyler and his friends down, leading Kai and Jesse on a raid that ultimately stopped the operation and saved Tyler's life. Jesse nearly died in the process as well, having inhaled some of the fentanyl and bringing back past trauma he had with the narcotic.

Even with all of that going on, the team still had personal issues to deal with, including Ernie. He was ultimately able to speak about it in an emotional scene at the end of the episode with Lucy, and the conversation featured a somber song that you might not have recognized.

The song at the end of Changing Tides is Dim by SYML

During the final scenes of "Changing Tides," Lucy and Ernie have a heavy conversation. It is revealed earlier on in the episode that Ernie's father had died months prior, and he neglected to tell anyone on the team. Lucy only discovered this because she sought his help for the case, and Ernie was looking at South Carolina real estate law to figure out the best way to sell his father's old house. Lucy wants Ernie to open up to her about it, as it seems that Ernie and his dad had a strained relationship, but for most of the episode, he remains quiet. Only at the end does Ernie tell Lucy that his dad wasn't around when he was little, and when Ernie got a full ride to multiple universities and went to show him — his dad had moved.

While he reveals this, the playing in the background that enhances the emotional weight of the scene is called Dim by SYML (via Tunefind). The band is highly popular, being verified on Spotify and having over 9.1 million monthly listeners. The song itself is from an EP released in 2021 with the same title. Arguably, the music fits the scene well, and ultimately Lucy and Ernie have a moment as she reassures him that his dad certainly missed out on an amazing son.

"NCIS Hawai'i" will now be taking a short break, returning on Monday, November 14 on CBS.