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Prime Video Has Shared The First Look At The Upcoming Fallout Series

Amazon is currently in the midst of producing a Prime Video original TV series based on "Fallout," the popular Bethesda video game franchise. While each "Fallout" game typically takes place in a separate location and oftentimes even a distinct span of time, the series is universally defined by its post-apocalyptic setting, and specifically the 1950s-tinged, retrofuturist aesthetic of its dystopia-of-sorts.

Currently, Amazon's "Fallout" show seems to be in a relatively early stage of production, so details about its making are relatively scarce. Multiple cast members, however, are confirmed for the series, including "Yellowjackets" star Ella Purnell, whose casting in "Fallout" was announced in March. Previously, the show's producers revealed that Walton Goggins, known for his roles in "Justified," "The Hateful Eight," and "Vice Principals," will portray its lead character. Kyle MacLachlan, Xelia Mendes-Jones, and Aaron Moten will also appear in some capacity, though no character specifics are yet confirmed.

One of the few glimpses thus far of how the show will look came courtesy of a preview of its Super Duper Mart location shared by a fan who happened upon its set in July. Now, with its release presumably still a ways away, Amazon has shared its first official image of the upcoming "Fallout" series online.

Fans get their first look at what a Vault will look like in Amazon's Fallout

On October 25, in conjunction with the franchise's 25th anniversary celebration, the Prime Video Twitter account shared an image previewing its upcoming "Fallout" series, depicting a human figure standing in the open door to a Vault. In "Fallout" lore, the United States financed the development of a number of apocalypse shelters, called Vaults, in which humans could survive the then-impending apocalyptic doom while simultaneously serving as government test subjects.

Three uniformed figures in the image's foreground, meanwhile, wear jackets on which the number 33 is written. The Vault in the image, then, is Vault 33, which hasn't yet appeared in any of the "Fallout" games and will therefore introduce an entirely new setting to the "Fallout" universe upon the series' premiere.

Overall, this image is light on information, but its Vault and uniforms nevertheless indicate that Amazon Prime Video's "Fallout" will closely resemble its video game predecessors visually, as was suggested by set photos that leaked prior to this first official look. Now that this photo is public, it may not be long before Amazon shares more details about how it's choosing to adapt the acclaimed video game franchise for TV.