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House Of The Dragon's Ryan Condal Promises Bigger And Bolder Season 2

Contains spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1 finale.

No matter what side of the bloody family affair you stand on, there's no denying the season finale of 'House of the Dragon' sure had some bite to it. Alliances were tested, claims were stated, and dragons were left with important figures stuck in their teeth, pushing Rhaenyra (Emma D'Arcy) on the verge of making the tough call we always knew she would. War is set to descend on Westeros, and while it might've taken its time to get there, the pacing was all part of the plan.

So what's the next step for the Dance of Dragons that will see old friends become permanent foes and blood relatives risk having theirs sprayed across the battlefield? As per Variety, Season 2 is already scheduled to begin filming in 2023, with a release date planned for the same year. The second round of dragon scales and swords was confirmed back in August, and with the cameras set to roll next year, showrunner Ryan Condal has already teased just what to expect for our next trip back to Westeros and why the latest one spanned as many years as it did.

Condal hints House of the Dragon Season 2 will be like peak Game of Thrones

Speaking to The Times following the release of the Season 1 finale, Ryan Condal promised that the dial would be turned up for its sophomore year. Still, there was a reason that the build-up of reaching the inevitable was handled in such a way."We will get to the spectacle," he promised after already giving us an epic taste this week. "But you have to understand these people's complexities before they're thrown into war."

Such storytelling decisions aren't unheard of, of course. Before becoming the television phenomenon "House of the Dragon" now rides on the wings of, "Game of Thrones" spent time focussing on the Stark children before their world was ripped apart at Ned Stark's neckline. From there, things got exciting and incredibly tense as that beloved family tree started to wither in genuinely compelling ways. "House of the Dragon" just might replicate that same energy, according to Condal. "Series two will hit the rhythms people came to expect from the middle run of 'Game of Thrones," he promised. "But it will be earned, and viewers will feel the tragedy because we put the work in." Here's hoping such hard work pays off when "House of the Dragon" returns.