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Black Adam's Adrianna And Amon Could Return To The DCEU In A Superpowered Way

The following contains spoilers for "Black Adam."

Regarding comic book characters, it's always wise to add as many canonical parties to the main event as possible, even if they're not major pieces to the puzzle just yet. Throwing in seemingly insignificant secondary folk to the fray can pay off further down the road in sequels or spin-offs to flesh out a world fans are desperate to see more of. That's the case when it comes to Adrianna Tomaz (Sarah Shahi) and her son, Amon (Bodhi Sabongui), two of the biggest supporters of Kahndaq's protector, "Black Adam" (Dwayne Johnson), that are more than just the civilians to be saved in the latest entry to the DCEU.

By the film's end, the day is saved, demons are defeated, and Black Adam (before getting a visit from a red and blue stranger) stands as the protector of the home he's been away from for thousands of years. From there, Adrianna and Amon are left to cheer on their champion with nothing teased of their future if and whenever Black Adam returns. Should they do so, though, just what kind of adventures could await them, and will it involve (Shazam! help us) less skateboarding than before?

Adrianna and Amon could become DC heroes, Isis and Osiris

While they might spend most of the film dodging falling debris or getting held hostage, Adrianna and Amon Tomaz play a much greater part in one particular section in DC Comics' history. Initially transferred to the comic book page from television, Adrianna began on a television show, "The Secrets of Isis" (via IMDb), and had a teacher Andrea Thomas transform into the titular goddess in "The Shazam!/Isis Hour." She eventually made it into DC Comics only as Adrianna Tomaz (via Fandom), an Egyptian refugee who fell in love with Adam and became the heroine Isis.

Joining the pair was Adrianna's brother (not son), Amon, who, after being paralyzed, was also gifted with a portion of Adam's powers, transforming into Osiris. Here began Adam's time in the DC universe as a pretty mellow dude who brought peace to Kahndaq and its neighboring nations. It's a route that has no reason to transfer over to the live-action iteration in future films should "Black Adam" be successful. If so, it could also lead to the more logical and intriguing super showdown that doesn't involve Superman but another hero that's also a huge fan.

Black Adam's future could involve feuding superfamilies

You might recall that the last one to shout the wizard's name was Billy Batson (Asher Angel), turning into the Big Red Cheese, Shazam! (Zachary Levi) in 2019. His first adventure as the great champion ended with him sharing his power with other kids at his foster home, who are all set to make a comeback inĀ "Shazam! Fury of the Gods." In the comics, this band of heroes was known as the Marvel Family before a particular competing company made things complicated. What's worth noting is that Adam made a family of his own when Adrianna and Amon Tomaz got their powers, becoming the Black Marvel Family.

With these two houses in mind, could this set up a showdown of epic proportions in the future for two champions and their rival clans? It'd make a great cinematic clash already with Levi and Johnson going up against one another, but adding in equally gifted allies would be great to see as well. Our only bit of advice would involve maybe some title changes. Isis, of course, bares the same name as the terrorist group meaning a change would understandably be needed, and there really are too many Marvels to go around at the moment, so that rules that out. What's certain is that this could be the brawl of the century if it comes to pass and the Shazam! family finally squares off with the Adams Family. Nope, wait. Don't use that one, either.