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AHS: NYC Fans Are Already Taking A Stab At Guessing The Killer

Contains spoilers for "American Horror Story: NYC" episodes 1 and 2

It's New York City, 1981, and as the title of "American Horror Story: NYC" Episode 1 is quick to notify viewers, "Something's Coming." Said something is a brutal killer that targets the city's gay population, but as is so often the case with Ryan Murphy's "AHS," there's a lot going on. A lot.

The first two episodes have just dropped, so everything is still at early stages. Nevertheless, it seems that the most enduring mystery for the season is the identity of Big Daddy, who seems destined to become the latest in the long line of memorably creepy "AHS" serial killers.

Since this is "American Horror Story," pretty much anyone can turn out to be a murderous villain, especially since we've only seen the first episodes of the season. And since this is "American Horror Story," the faithful fandom is already busy at work trying to figure out who the killer is. Here's what they're thinking. 

Fans suspect that Sam is the killer

At this point, every single surviving character could turn out to be the killer. However, until the plot proves otherwise, there's one particular person in the show who has already been raising a great many fan eyebrows. The very fact that the BDSM-minded art dealer Sam is played by "American Horror Story" veteran Zachary Quinto places him pretty high on the list of potential Big Daddies, likely due to a combination of the character's shadiness and Quinto's own previous "AHS" work as Bloody Face. 

"Okay so big daddy is for sure zachary quinto right," @akimaudrey theorized. "ZACHARY AND BIG DADDY HMM," @3mmaroberts added their all caps take on the subject. Users like @HARSTIN have also made the connection. 

There are also other takes on the killer's identity, though they don't exactly absolve Quinto's character. "So Sylar, um, Zachary kidnapped the reporter. Cause remember he was doing measurements on the floor. And now Zach has that new cage in basement. Big Daddy Dom is a ghost, and must be working with him," @NyxGreenfyre wrote their supernatural take on Big Daddy and Sam. Meanwhile, @Itzakandii compared Big Daddy to classic "AHS" legacy character Rubber Man, which implies that there may be far more at play than a mere human killer.

Is Quinto's Sam the main villain of the season, or a red herring for a threat that's vastly more dangerous than a single person? "AHS: NYC" will no doubt eventually provide an answer to these mysteries.