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Brian Michael Bendis' Torso Adaptation Might Finally Become A Reality - Exclusive

Brian Michael Bendis' diverse array of works has made giant inroads into Hollywood history. The upcoming MCU sure-to-be-phenom "Ironheart" is a buzzy forthcoming title, while fan-favorite series like "Jessica Jones," "Ultimate Spider-Man," "Powers," and more are all based on his influential body of work. While Bendis is deservedly lauded for the Marvel characters he's created (like Miles Morales and Riri Williams) and an array of major Marvel storylines, Bendis' storied comic history began with various crime and noir comics before his superhero evolution.

One of his earliest works, "Torso," follows classic lawman Eliot Ness in his efforts to capture the real-life serial killer known as the Cleveland Torso Murderer. "Torso" has had a number of high-profile attempts to bring it to the screen in the more than two decades since its publication. First, David Fincher was attached to an early adaptation attempt; David Lowery later took the reins. Sometime later still, Paul Greengrass was supposed to helm an adaptation of the Eisner Award-winning comic. Despite the tradition of starts and stops, fans of "Torso" may finally have a reason to be hopeful, as according to Bendis, an extremely talented director has taken the reins once more.

There may finally be movement on the award-winning Torso

In a new exclusive interview, Looper asked Bendis if there's a character in his repertoire that hasn't yet been adapted to the large or small screen. "All of them!" he humorously responded. "I'm not joking. It's such a cheeky answer, but as you will find out soon, I'm going to be in a pretty decent situation with all of that."

The influential graphic novelist said, "Truthfully I have learned, and with some privilege, everything in [its] time." It's the type of patient answer that a seasoned author would give — one who has dealt with the long route to getting an adaptation made. In the interview, he went on to specify the classic work that's on his mind, noting, "It's been 27 years that Hollywood has optioned 'Torso.' I would like [it to be made]."

The graphic novelist then gave a hopeful new update: "We have an excellent director, Corin Hardy, attached to 'Torso,' and I very much hope that does happen."

Corin Hardy, the director of "The Hallow," "The Nun," and the excellent series "Gangs of London," has a killer visual flair and a strong sense of suspense — he'd be a stellar filmmaker to helm the long-fabled adaptation. "I was talking to my film student daughter about it — she's in film school in her 20s and this outdates her," Bendis shared. "That is shocking to me!" 

With another strong filmmaker at the helm, here's hoping that some of Bendis' hinted good luck brings this award-winning project to final fruition.

Bendis' newest work, "Phenomena," is available at booksellers near you.