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Terrifier's Art The Clown Actually Debuted Way Back In A 2008 Short

Just when you thought that few 21st-century horror movie clowns could rival Pennywise, here comes Art The Clown (David Howard Thornton). Art is not just a silent, demonic murder clown but the star of the "Terrifier" movies. The new second film in the franchise, "Terrifier 2," was only supposed to have a limited release in theaters but has already extended its run thanks to surprise box office success (via Collider).

Evidently, the sequel has caused some audience members to pass out and become sick thanks to the film's gory content (via i-D). Yet "Terrifier 2" co-distributor Bloody Disgusting insisted that this wasn't a publicity stunt. It seems like the film, which was crowdfunded by fans of the firstĀ "Terrifier" (via Collider), really has struck a chord with audiences and critics, even if it might disgust them as well.

Art has become an iconic movie monster overnight, but did you know he made his first official appearance more than a decade ago?

Art the Clown appeared in a 2008 film short

Art, the evil clown of the "Terrifier" movies, has only starred in two films on his own. But Art originally appeared in a 2008 short film by director Damien Leone titled "The 9th Circle" (via IMDb). The character wasn't a major figure in the story, but people responded strongly to Art's silent menace. This inspired Leone to focus on Art in his new films, including the original 2011 short "Terrifier" and his anthology film "All Hallows Eve" (via Dread Central).

Leone was originally inspired to create a killer clown who was nothing like Pennywise of the "It" franchise. "Art is bald, he's black and white, Pennywise is colorful, he has hair, Pennywise speaks, Art doesn't, Pennywise doesn't use weapons, Art the Clown uses any weapon he can get his hands on, so all these little things came together" (per Dread Central).

Art finally got his first full-length solo features as a movie monster when he appeared in "Terrifier" and "Terrifier 2." Hopefully, with the success of the new film, horror fans will get to see Art silently carve up his victims in more "Terrifier" sequels.