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Fans Tell Looper Which Secondary Character From The Big Bang Theory Deserves Their Own Spin-Off - Exclusive Survey

While it's simple to think of "The Big Bang Theory" as a vehicle for Sheldon Cooper's (Jim Parsons) antics and exploits, the series boasts a tremendous array of diverse supporting players. Look beyond the CBS sitcom's scientific geniuses and you'll find an interesting batch of characters who prop up the world in unique and absurd ways. With 12 seasons under its belt, "The Big Bang Theory" developed dozens of characters who exist in the periphery of Cooper and his buddies.

One of the most prolific sitcoms of the last decade, "The Big Bang Theory" won numerous accolades, including 10 Emmy awards. The series still dominates cultural conversations thanks to its spin-off series "Young Sheldon," which details the genius Cooper's childhood. Unlike other sitcom spin-offs that failed to stick the landing, "Young Sheldon" has been trucking along for over half a decade, currently in its sixth season. With the prequel so successful, is it time for another spin-off? While it could be interesting to peel the layers back on Jim Galecki's Leonard Hofstadter, it would probably be in the franchise's best interest to go in a different direction that expands the universe.

Which secondary character from "The Big Bang Theory" could CBS mine from? Looper asked its readers to vote on the character they think should lead a spin-off, and the leading answer might surprise hardcore fans.

Looper readers want Stuart to headline his own spin-off

An exclusive survey from Looper reveals that 26.10% of "The Big Bang Theory" fans want Stuart (Kevin Sussman) to get his own spin-off series. 613 U.S. participants helped shape the survey's results. The comic book shop owner first debuted in Season 2, appearing as a guest, before being bumped up to regular status in Season 6. A spin-off could even redeem Stuart's character, who fans believe was failed in the finale. Following Stuart's first-place spot is Missy Cooper (Courtney Henggeler), who received 19.09% of the vote from Looper readers. Despite being Sheldon's younger sister, Missy is radically different from her sharp brother. Seeing "The Big Bang Theory" universe from the perspective of Missy could be eye-opening, especially since she is more relatable than Sheldon and his buddies.

Leslie Winkle (Sara Gilbert) followed Missy with 17.46% of votes, while "Star Trek" actor Wil Wheaton received love from 17.29% of fans. A humorous spin-off of Wheaton playing a fictionalized version of himself, going from convention to convention and coming across intense "Star Trek" fans like Sheldon could be hilarious if done right.

String theorist Barry Kripke (John Ross Bowie) comes up next on Looper's poll, holding 10.60% of votes. The on-and-off friend of Sheldon, Kripke could make for a compelling lead, but one can't help but wonder how many other "Big Bang Theory" characters are more deserving of the limelight. Finally, Zack Johnson (Brian Thomas Smith), Penny's ex-husband and occasional boyfriend, rounds out the poll with 9.46% of votes. Could the curious but confused Johnson succeed on his own? Couple the dim-witted Johnson with any of the other characters on the poll and you could have a fascinating buddy sitcom.