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The Owl House Fans Are Fighting Back Tears Over The Season 3 Premiere Diary Entry

Season 3 of cult hit Disney Channel original animated series "The Owl House" premiered on October 15, kicking off its final stretch of episodes. In fact, the lead-up to the finale of "The Owl House" Season 3 won't resemble a typical season so much as it will consist of three separate 45 minute-long specials. So, rather than airing weekly as was the case in previous years, Season 3 will follow up its first episode with a second, double-length special months later, in 2023.

"The Owl House" is famously a series that appeals to a considerable adult audience in spite of its target demographic consisting of younger viewers, in a manner akin to shows like "Adventure Time" and "Steven Universe" before it. In fact, "The Owl House" includes certain content only adults will understand, just like these and many other cartoons. Its adult fanbase is so considerable, even, that some fans once posited how one character might be different in an adult version of "The Owl House."

It's hardly surprising, then, that one particular scene in the "Owl House" Season 3 premiere, in which Camila Noceda (voiced by Elizabeth Grullon) watches some video diary entries her daughter and series protagonist Luz (Sarah-Nicole Robles) made, had fans recounting how they had to fight back tears while viewing it for the first time.

Luz's video diary struck an emotional chord with viewers

In "The Owl House" Season 3, Episode 1, Camila stumbles upon some video recordings Luz made when she was younger. In them, Luz first mentions that her family has to move closer to a hospital where her father is being treated. In the next entry, Luz is distraught, presumably over her father's death. After that, Luz gradually becomes a big fan of a book titled "The Good Witch Azusa," which has always been a favorite of hers in the series' present, but viewers of the show never knew was gifted to her in order to help cope with the loss of her dad.

"That's why she loves the series?!? AHHHHH I'm so hurt.. I'm so. So. Hurt," wrote user Bacon_L0RD in a Reddit discussion thread about this episode. Another user followed up that they share this sentiment, before wondering aloud how "The Owl House" incorporates such poignancy despite being for children.

User Megatiger27 then replied, "That broke my heart man, especially as someone who also has a similar attachment to 2 series for the same reason." Presumably, they're comparing their own interest in certain fictional series to Luz's emotional investment in "The Good Witch Azusa."

On Twitter too, user @The_Water_Gem wrote "I need therapy... that was great but also really sad," amidst plenty of other users recounting strong emotional reactions to the first of the final string of "The Owl House" episodes, and its diary scene in particular.