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The Owl House Season 3 Is Going To Be Very Different From What Fans Might Have Expected

When Disney Channel's animated series "The Owl House" premiered in January 2020, its exciting adventure stories were matched by pitch-perfect, diverse character representation with LGBTQIA+, and non-binary identities not extensively seen in previous animated efforts from the studio (via The Hollywood Reporter). The backdrop of the show revolves around Dominican-American teen Luz Noceda (Sarah-Nicole Robles) as she enters into a demonic realm where she comes to befriend a renegade witch named Eda, the Owl Lady (Wendie Malick), and her sidekick 'King' (Alex Hirsch). Seasons 1 and 2 trace Luz's journey to becoming a witch through her role as the Owl Lady's apprentice. This is portrayed through many different encounters and quests in a perilous land.

"The Owl House's" many eye-opening moments have been both unique and action-packed while still maintaining the fantasy lore on which the writers based their stories around. For an animated series, the pacing of the show has also been well-executed, with each episode featuring unpredictable character details and motivations typically seen in serial TV dramas. Thankfully, there will be a 3rd and final season, but its rollout will be different from what fans have come to expect from the show.

Season 3 of The Owl House will have a staggered release date

The 1st and 2nd seasons of "The Owl House" contained 19 and 21 episodes respectively with a weekly episode across several months. Season 2 ended with Eda gaining the upper hand over her curse that made her lose control over herself, and the evil Emperor Belos (Matthew Rhys) being defeated. With Luz and her friends now being trapped in the human realm, anticipation for the final season is high, but fans will not get a regular season of the series.

According to Polygon, Season 3 of "The Owl House" will premiere on October 15 on The Disney Channel. It will air as three, 44-minute long episodes. The first installment airs in October with the last two tentatively scheduled to arrive sometime in 2023. As to why the show is ending, creator Dana Terrace posted on a Reddit AMA as u/AntagonistDana and explained, "At the end of the day, there are a few business people who oversee what fits into the Disney brand and one day one of those guys decided TOH didn't fit that 'brand'. The story is serialized (BARELY compared to any average anime lmao), our audience skews older, and that just didn't fit this one guy's tastes." 

Terrace didn't hold back in stating the reality of the mysterious decision. "That's it! Ain't that wild? Really grinds my guts, boils my brain, kicks my shins, all the things. It sucks but it is what it is," she added.