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What Some Fans Think The Owl House Would Be Like For Adults

Disney's magical adventure series "The Owl House" thrills audiences with its positive LGBTQ+ representation and nuanced writing (via The Mary Sue). Creator Dana Terrace, whose previous credits include storyboarding for "Gravity Falls" and animating for "Adventure Time" (via IMDb), created fully developed characters living in an expertly realized dark and fantastical, if not familiar, setting. 

It is perhaps for all of these reasons that the show's third season has been unfortunately shortened to three 44-minute specials (via Deadline), as opposed to the more standard order of around 20 episodes, but in a Reddit AMA, Terrace stated that she believes that show was canceled simply because someone decided that "The Owl House" doesn't fit Disney's overall image. But one of the reasons the show is so successful and loved is because of the deeper themes and complex characters, allowing fans to easily interpret the source material and apply their own context. Sometimes, this just means individuals seeing little actions that would easily fit into the universe as it's written, while other times, it means that the parental guidance rating gets stripped away to allow characters to exist as they might if they lived by our modern adult standards. 

In the earlier mentioned AMA that occurred after the show's cancelation, Terrace stated that the audience for her series leans older, so more mature musings are bound to be relatively common. This becomes even more obvious when you look at a recent Reddit thread in which fans of "The Owl House" imagine what would happen with the characters if the show wasn't limited by a young rating. 

Say hello to 'Weeda the Owl Lady'

In a recent Reddit thread about "The Owl House," a fan of the series, u/Blood_Raven55, instigated a wild train of thought by saying, "I have absolutely zero doubt that if 'The Owl House' was aimed at an older audience ... Eda would canonically smoke weed." Some, like u/pk2317, agreed simply because of a series of tweets that Dana Terrace wrote in character (via Reddit), with one portraying Eda (Wendie Malick) as eating edibles and drinking whiskey while saying, "defund the police, be gay do witchcraft, standardized tests aren't a solid measure of one's intelligence." 

This opinion isn't totally out of the blue, as there's possibly an even better, more canonical reason to think that "Weeda the Owl Lady" (a nickname courtesy of u/Banettebrochacho) could be real. In one scene in Season 2, Episode 4, "Keeping up A-Fear-Ances," Lilith (Cissy Jones) and King (Alex Hirsch) devour a massive stock of ice cream that Eda has stashed away as they talk about family issues. Hooty (also Hirsch) interrupts their commiserating with a worried warning, saying, "you know that Eda gets that stuff from the Night Market, right?" — a pointed comment that heavily implies that the dessert is more than just a sugary treat. 

While some fans continued the conversation about what sort of things Eda might get up to in a show not airing on Disney Channel, others shared how they desperately want the language censorship to stop. Arguing that the main character Luz (Sarah-Nicole Robles) would frequently use swear words in a more mature version of "The Owl House," u/Reylend even provided a sample of possible dialogue, which said, "F**K F**K F**K F**K S******T F**K." Who knows? Maybe one day fans will get their wish and see a new version of "The Owl House" for a more adult audience.