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Fans Are Buzzing Over The Comet In Bob's Burgers Season 13 Episode 4

After 13 wonderful seasons, "Bob's Burgers" remains the magical and warmhearted series fans of all ages first fell in love with. The Belcher family consistently finds themselves in unique and unforgettable adventures with their lovable friends, like Bob's Burgers' regular and handyman Teddy (Larry Murphy). In Season 13 Episode 4, "Comet-y of Errors," the Belchers go out with Teddy on a nighttime expedition to witness a rare comet passing over their oceanside town. 

When the phenomenon was last seen, Teddy claims it cursed him with an inescapable streak of bad luck, which he blames his unfortunate past life choices on. This leads to a division with his self-proclaimed best friend Bob (H. Jon Benjamin), who doesn't believe the universe favors anyone. In a beautiful moment, Bob has a change of heart when a seal happens to cross his path on the beach, which he takes as his own sign from the universe.

"Bob's Burgers" often leans into sentimentality with universally enjoyable results, illustrating the series' main themes of love and acceptance. This is clear in illuminating scenes like this and Tina (Dan Mintz), Gene (Eugene Mirman), and Louise's (Kristen Schaal) wish-making antics. Moments like these are often celebrated by fans who have been enthusiastically sharing their favorite parts on social media like Twitter.

Fans love the stargazing episode Comet-y of Errors

Some fans, in particular, are noting the beautiful landscapes featured in Episode 4, like @Kelseyfunstuff, who expressed, "Last night's episode is the best thanks to the beautiful night sky and the comet." Another thought the titular comet itself was the most gorgeous part of the night, like @jazzy_j_97 tweeting, "The comet is so beautiful," with accompanying praising emojis. Others were more partial to the Belcher kids' storyline about magical wish-fulfilling papers given out only during the comet celebration.

@cartoonfan316 hoped for one of his own with "I can't wait for the wishing comet. Make a wish!" This idea comes from the age-old tradition of wishing on shooting stars, using the rarity of the comet to make an even more powerful event. One fan in particular (@ALazyJellyfish) picked up on the stunning cinematography that elevates these themes and transcends this into a standout episode: "Tonight's #BobsBurgers was visually their most beautiful episode. The scene where Bob tells Teddy about his encounter with a seal, with the comet in the background and all the wish paper flying into the sky was so wonderful. I love that this show still wows me 13 seasons in."

The ability of "Bob's Burgers" to delicately tell emotional stories like this heavily paid off in the blockbuster motion picture "The Bob's Burgers Movie," highlighting Louise's pink-eared origins. 13 seasons in and this fulfilling display of expertise keeps fans engaged and moved by the heartwarming storylines.