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The Bob's Burgers Scenes That Had Fans In Tears

As far as animated TV series go, there is a pretty big divide between the long-forgotten shows and the bonafide classics that everyone can quote. Despite not having a legacy as long as shows like "The Simpsons" or "South Park," "Bob's Burgers" has grown to be one of the greatest animated comedy series out there. It first aired on Fox in 2011 and is going to be airing its 13th season this year (via IMDb). The show has spawned a massive franchise, from feature films to video games, and the Belcher family has become one of those goofy fictional families that many people can relate to. 

"Bob's Burgers" follows the life of Bob Belcher — a restaurant owner, husband to Linda Belcher, and father to Tina, Gene, and Louise Belcher. The family's mundane life is anything but ordinary, with each character having their own identifying quirks. The family gets into mischief that's out of this world and manages to crack plenty of jokes along the way. In the 200+ episodes of "Bob's Burgers," there have been many moments that make us laugh out loud. But only a few scenes are so hilarious that they stick with us years after the episode aired. We decided to round up a few scenes from "Bob's Burgers" that had fans laughing so hard they were in tears, so we can all remember some of the best moments from the show. 

Fans love Tina's disastrous driving lessons

If you scour Reddit in an attempt to find the "Bob's Burgers" fandom's favorite moments, Tina Belcher's driving lesson is sure to show up repeatedly. In the scene, Bob is trying to teach Tina how to drive in an empty parking lot. There is literally only one other car in the lot, and she manages to crash right into it while doing her signature groaning noise. "This was the first episode I saw and was crying laughing and knew then and there my husband and I would love the show," u/cinnamoogoo wrote. 

Another fan, u/rikafell, also said that watching the scene as a driving instructor made it even better. "The first time I saw this scene I was crying laughing to the point I couldn't breathe because I feel Bob's pain," they wrote. "When I have a student who reacts like this I instantly think of Tina. In my head, I hear Bob's voice, 'For the love God, turn away or stop! Hit the breaks!'" 

Laughs come any time Tina runs

Tina as a character tends to provide some of the funniest moments in the show. She's an awkward teen trying to navigate relationships and growing up in a dysfunctional family, and her voice and tendency to make groaning noises just make everything she says that much more funny. But one specific aspect of the character beloved by "Bob's Burgers" fans is whenever she is shown running. 

YouTube creators (like cyborgdotearth) have made mashups of Tina running because it's always laugh-out-loud funny. When fans on Reddit were asked to name their favorite parts of the show in general, u/mrpyth wrote that they have a soft spot for "any time Tina runs," and people seem to agree. If you watch closely, Tina runs in an awkward manner in which her body weight is propelling her forward. She's typically going uncontrollably fast and makes even more unsettling noises while doing so. It's quite the gag, and will probably always make somebody laugh whenever its included in an episode. 

The time when Louise gives Gene a Bob-inspired makeover is a fan-favorite

Another popular pick for a favorite "Bob's Burgers" moment is when Gene transforms himself to look like Bob. The mischievous Louise is in charge of the makeover, as she loves to encourage her siblings' harebrained ideas. However, Gene really sells the look with his spot-on impersonation of his father. To no surprise, Bob does not get a kick out of the kids making fun of him, but viewers sure do. 

Redditor u/detectivesinclair wrote, "My belly hurt from laughing so hard at this scene. I love this ridiculous masterpiece!" about the moment. Particularly, fans like u/kiluwiluwi like the moment when Gene follows Bob and utters the line "Stop following me... in front." Gene is a spitting image of Bob and succeeds in fooling a few people, but not his dad. But who knows — the gag could give us a glimpse into Gene's future if he decides to take over the low-key burger restaurant. 

The dead butterflies wedding is a side-splitter

During Season 8 of "Bob's Burgers," the Belcher family is tasked with catering a wedding for two customers who fall in love at their burger joint. As expected, things don't go as planned for the gang, which provides plenty of chaotic entertainment for everyone watching. However, one of the best moments is during the ceremony when the guests are asked to open boxes under their seats. Inside is a real butterfly, except all of them die right before this moment. 

The crowd ends up flinging the dead butterflies straight into the sea because it is so windy outside, and it's downright hilarious. Redditor u/Tacosage1986 wrote, "That scene at the wedding where everyone just throws the dead butterflies into the air and they all get sucked away by the wind into the distance f–king kills me every single time I see it." Honestly, the entire episode "Something Old, Something New, Something Bob Caters for You" is worth a re-watch. 

Fans can't get enough of when Teddy forgets his best friend's name

Teddy is the most loyal customer at "Bob's Burgers," even if he oftentimes causes more trouble than he's worth. His character is dopey and a bit out there, which is a perfect pairing to the already wacky bunch of Belchers and their off-kilter ideas. Fans like u/weed_pancakes particularly love the moment when Teddy thinks that Bob's full name is Bob Burgers. "Makes me laugh so hard every time," the user wrote. 

Teddy really believes that Bob just happens to have the last name of the food he sells at his restaurant, and that he decides to make his full name the name of his business. If you've never seen the show, that's pretty much all you need to know about the character. The moment occurs in Season 3, Episode 15, "O.T.: The Outside Toilet" and is highly underrated. "Bob's Burgers" fan u/proserpinax says they rewatch the entire episode "JUST for that moment." 

Bob's Burgers fans love when Linda sings to her porcelain babies

"Bob's Burgers" would be nothing without Bob's overbearing and off-the-walls wife Linda. She's a nurturing mother who is far from your typical parent, and tends to make comments or agree to ideas that no normal mom probably would. For example, in the "Burgerboss" episode of Season 2, Bob takes away Linda's credit card because she's ordering mass amounts of porcelain babies on the internet. A scene shows her kissing the babies and singing a song that goes,"If you're not real, then how come I feel this way, little babies." 

Redditor u/Trixiepinks names the scene as one of their favorites, admitting, "I may or may not sing this to my dog." That's true fandom right there. Another user, u/farkenell, thought that Bob's blank stare when Linda's recalling buying the babies "kills" the scene. Often, the best moments of Bob on the show are when he's reacting to the madness that is his family.