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Jamie Lee Curtis Was Gifted A Bloody Prop From The Set Of Halloween Ends

Jamie Lee Curtis is Hollywood royalty. She was born into the dramatic arts as the daughter of film icons Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, and Curtis garnered a slew of acting credits any performer would want. Curtis starred in blockbusters like "Trading Places," alongside Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, and "True Lies" with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who personally vouched for her talents.

"She was the most extraordinary actress that I've ever worked with," Schwarzenegger said during his speech at Curtis's Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony (via Maximo TV). Even with all the accolades Curtis has amassed, she'll always be best known for that little horror film she did in 1978. After appearing on several television shows, most notably "Operation Petticoat," Curtis landed her first film role in John Carpenter's "Halloween."

Curtis electrified audiences with her performance of Laurie Strode, which was anything but stereotypical of the way most slasher film starlets were portrayed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Today, she is known as both a Scream Queen and Final Girl, thanks to her contributions to seven of the 13 "Halloween" movies, as well as her other horror ventures: "Prom Night," Terror Train" and "The Fog." While "Halloween Ends" marks the end of an era for Laurie Strode, Curtis kept a memento to mark the occasion.

The prop master gifted Curtis a bloody hospital bracelet

"Halloween Ends" director David Gordon Green admitted to absconding with some items from the set of the final "Halloween" film, but Curtis walked away with something, too. The prop master gave her a gift to remember her final go-around as Laurie Strode. "[It's] a hospital bracelet that says 'Laurie Strode, Haddonfield Memorial Hospital' that's covered in blood," Curtis said during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "It's a little tiny thing but I have that."

As for Green, he made off with even more tangible memories from his "Halloween" trilogy. "My office is protected by four different Michael Myers and a little bit of his cutlery," Green said, in the same interview with THR, alluding to swiping some of Michael Myers' masks and knives from the set.

Horror cinephiles will definitely appreciate the amount of time spent with Laurie in "Halloween Ends," and Curtis is especially grateful for her epic "Halloween" swan song. "It's a legacy that I'm very, very proud is attached to me and one that I treat with a lot of respect," Curtis said in an interview with People.