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The Crown Season 5 Premiering So Soon After Queen Elizabeth II's Death Isn't Sitting Well With Some U.K. Viewers

The long-running Netflix drama "The Crown" is about to debut its fifth season on the streaming platform, just in time for the anniversary of its November 2016 debut. The story surrounds the life and times of the late Queen Elizabeth II, starting with her 1947 wedding to Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, into modern times. It's currently riding high with an 8.7/10 on IMDb from fans and a 90% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, which just goes to show how highly anticipated the upcoming penultimate season is.

But that was before her majesty's unfortunate passing in early September, which has stirred up emotions about the monarchy — both among those who love the royals, and those who are very critical of them. Advocates of the monarchy aren't particularly happy that Netflix has decided to go forward with airing its newest episodes so soon, especially considering the upcoming season's subject matter. And they're not afraid to publicly state their displeasure.

News pundits and fans alike are questioning Netflix's decision to continue with the series; but opinions are mixed

Some of the most vocal supporters of the royals in this situation are controversial TV personality Piers Morgan and his wife Celia Walden, who writes for The Telegraph in the UK. Morgan and his guests speculated that it could hit an emotionally raw nerve for newly-crowned King Charles on a recent episode of his talk show (via Daily Express), while Walden took to print to defend the royal family's feelings, expressing concern that Netflix won't bother to "get stuck down in the weeds with issues of fact versus fiction" in The Telegraph

Other concerned viewers include the panelists on the popular daytime British TV talk show "Loose Women." The show has questioned in the past whether or not the show's factual inaccuracies require a disclaimer, and even recently polled their fans on Twitter about whether or not the upcoming season should be delayed. Interestingly enough, after several hundred votes, 68% of fans want Netflix to go ahead with the planned debut.

Fans in the comments of the tweet were decisively split. Some, like @LynnTurley, think it should be canceled because "too many people appear to think this is a documentary" and many others think that the quick debut is disrespectful. Having said that, though, many other fans in that same thread are eager for Season 5 — and they did win the vote, after all.