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Marvel Zombies Head Writer Reveals The Show Will Have The Shortest Episode Count Of Any Marvel Disney+ Series

By now, Marvel fans are starting to become just as familiar with the multiverse as they are with their own universe. Based on the enthusiasm and success of Marvel's animated series, "What if...?," which was released on Disney+ in August of 2021 and adapted from a 2005 comic book series of the same name, viewers have no issues with watching their favorite superhero characters suddenly pop up on screen in an alternate timeline, wiping away storylines that were previously established. With "What If..?," fans quickly got used to seeing unexpected scenarios, including their favorite heroes dead or even undead. Of course, that reference links directly to Episode 5 ("What If... Zombies?").

In this episode, a virus has turned people, including some of our heroes, into those brain-devouring creatures we've grown so accustomed to. Well, the popularity of this installment led Marvel and Disney to announce that this premise is currently being developed into its own animated show, "Marvel Zombies." Deadline reported that in the series, the undead virus is still raging, with new heroes, such as Shang-Chi, joining the battlefront. Since the end of July 2022, minor details have trickled out about the anticipated series, but now, it's been revealed that the 2024 season will consist of a surprising number of episodes.

Marvel Zombies will only consist of four episodes

After it was announced that Disney+ will be home to another Marvel Studios animated series in 2024, a spin-off from the popular "What If...?" show, a few details have been brought to light about the upcoming animated tale. Although no vocal cast has been announced yet, fans have learned that not only will the storyline focus on the same viral zombie outbreak, but the series will be given a TV-MA rating. Recently, ComicBook.com spoke to head writer/executive producer Zeb Well at the New York Comic Con 2022, who confirmed that "Marvel Zombies" will be the studio's shortest series to date. In fact, only four episodes are currently slated for its initial run.

The small number of installments for "Marvel Zombies" is surprising, simply based on the fact that other Disney+ Marvel series have run for either six or nine episodes (not including the "I Am Groot" shorts). But despite the shortness of its upcoming run, Marvel fans should still be excited to see how heroes such as Red Guardian, Death Dealer, and Kamala Kahn deal with those ferocious flesh-eaters. With over a year to wait, more details are sure to come.