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What Happened To Theo Rossi After Sons Of Anarchy?

Prior to its 2008 debut on FX, "Sons of Anarchy" teased chaos, carnage, and high drama on a level rarely seen on the small screen. Over the course of its blistering seven-season run on the network, that's exactly what series creator Kurt Sutter and his creative team delivered. They managed that feat by infusing their pulpy, white-knuckle tale of a rowdy, often deadly crew of California bikers with dramatic flourishes of Shakespearean magnitude. And that savvy blend of styles kept viewers en rapture from the "Sons of Anarchy" pilot all the way through to its bruising series finale.

Along the way, "SOA" also made legit stars of several cast members who'd largely been unknown before hitting the road with SAMCRO. That list includes Theo Rossi, who portrayed the wildly unsettled SAMCRO brother Juan Carols Ortiz — nicknamed "Juice"  — throughout the series' run. Rossi had, of course, been working steadily in film and television for the better part of the 2000s prior to joining the cast of "Sons of Anarchy," but the hit series undoubtedly gave the actor a richly deserved career boost. Here's what he's been up to since "Sons of Anarchy" ended. 

Rossi has kept busy since his SAMCRO days

It should come as little surprise that Rossi did not walk away from acting after "Sons of Anarchy" ended. In fact, the actor's scene-stealing work on the show helped open a few intriguing career doors, and one look at his IMDb page will confirm he's kept incredibly busy since "Sons of Anarchy" left the airwaves. 

One of the first projects Rossi worked on after "SOA" was the 2015 indie "Bad Hurt." The film earned Rossi his first credit as producer and found the Staten Island native returning to his hometown to front a harrowing family drama lauded by critics and audiences alike (via Rotten Tomatoes). A year later, Rossi made his Marvel debut as the trigger-happy Harlem bad boy Hernan "Shades" Alvarez in Netflix's "Luke Cage," which, of course, found him trading lines with screen heavies like Mike Coulter, Mahershala Ali, and Alfre Woodard. 

Rossi followed that Marvel gig with film roles in "American Skin," and Netflix's "Rattlesnake." In 2021, he joined the cast of Zack Snyder's zombie-heist flick "Army of the Dead." If you've seen it, you know his role as the vile Burt Cummings is, shall we say, complicated. You also know Rossi is pretty great in the film. Most recently, Rossi turned up opposite Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes in the overlooked Netflix series "True Story." And he can be seen burning up the screen with Aubrey Plaza in the indie crime thriller "Emily the Criminal." If you haven't caught that one yet, it cannot come more highly recommended (per Rotten Tomatoes).