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Every Main Character From Chicago Fire Ranked

The only things more attention-grabbing than the fires on "Chicago Fire" are the firefighters themselves. When it comes to strength, intelligence, charisma, and flaring tempers, every one of them brings the heat. But while they all battle blazes with the best of them, one thing isn't quite clear. Which characters stand entirely above the rest?

We've ranked the best "Chicago Fire" episodes and every couple on "Chicago Fire." So it stands to reason we're going to rank "Chicago Fire" characters from worst to first. But how, you might ask, should we do this? By pondering a simple question: Which "Chicago Fire" character would be the best to get stuck with on an elevator? Examining how they would respond in a not-so-life-threatening emergency brings their best and worst qualities into sharp focus. Specifically, we're considering characters' strengths (and weaknesses) in the following areas: firefighter-y excellence, personality, and creativity. Areas of firefighter-y excellence include strength, bravery, and courage under (literal) fire. Personality points are determined by how good a hang the character would be for an extended period of time. Points are also gained for creativity, cleverness, and out-of-the-box thinking. Got that? Then join us as we rank every main character from "Chicago Fire."

12. Randall McHolland

A man whose nickname comes from combining the words "man" and "couch," "Mouch" isn't our first pick for likely elevator escape artist. He tends not to go too far from Firehouse 51's kitchen, TV, or card table, and isn't exactly known for his urgency, unless flames are present. This isn't to say Mouch is lazy — he's just fond of creature comforts. Moreover, this laid-back attitude is a huge asset. Mouch brings humor and calm wherever he goes, providing the team with an essential dose of fatherly warmth. He also offers them a spot to kick back and relax after work at in Molly's, the bar he co-owns.

Mouch is no slouch. He's been a firefighter for most of his life, is president of the Firefighter's Union, and even resists retirement after a terrifying heart attack. In one of his best storylines, his charms win over "Chicago P.D." Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt, one of the toughest customers around. So, if Mouch got stuck in an elevator with a friendly face and a pack of cards, how could we blame him for enjoying his well-earned downtime with a friendly chat, or an even friendlier wager? He might even write another romance novel in there. The world definitely needs a sequel to "Sheets of Fire."

Personality points: 9. Firefighter-y excellence: 6. Creativity: 2. Overall trapped-in-an-elevator score: 17.

11. Blake Gallo

Blake Gallo is thirsty for success, saves, and paramedics. A sometimes cocky and always energetic member of the Firehouse 51 crew, he gives his all, all the time. Gallo is quick on his feet and able to come up with snappy solutions in the heat of the moment. He has a lot to prove and the endless energy to do so — and to start a side business making his own beer. These qualities make Gallo seem like a great character to get stuck in an elevator with — at first. A closer look at the confident, competent Gallo also reveals a deep impulsive streak. He has a tendency to throw himself into the fire, literally and figuratively.

Whether he's ignoring orders to wait and running into flames to save someone or being reckless with his heart, Gallo always leaps before he looks. While his bravery counts for a lot, he would do well to remember the phrase "fools rush in." If Gallo got stuck in an elevator, he might tire himself out by using his body as a battering ram against a steel door. His love life is also a hot mess. Would you really want to listen to him talk about the aftermath of the Mikami-Hawkins-Gallo love triangle until another firefighter rescued you?

Personality points: 5. Firefighter-y excellence: 7. Creativity: 6. Overall trapped-in-an-elevator score: 18.

10. Matt Casey

Matt Casey, former fire captain and officer in charge of Truck 81, is willing to lay down his life for his team ... unless he's too busy being condescending to them. Standoffish and superior, Casey has a major attitude problem. While he's very thoughtful and capable, he wouldn't really be the most fun guy to get trapped in an elevator with. He's definitely committed to always saving the day, and his courage is never in question, but he often feels like he's the only one on the crew who can get the job done — an attitude that leaves a lot to be desired. He's also quick to shut others down and slow to trust, and can take an infuriatingly long time to make a decision. But when he does make a call, he follows through with it fully. 

Casey's unwillingness to open up to the very people he is loyal to makes him come across as cold and aloof. Really, Casey just needs a shoulder to cry on: His past is a trauma bomb minefield, and he just might be the "Chicago Fire" character who is unluckiest in love. While he could definitely rescue you from a stuck elevator, it would take him a minute to figure out the perfect plan to execute. Plus, you would run the risk of having to hear about how one of his ex-girlfriends dumped him via voicemail.

Personality points: 3. Firefighter-y excellence: 10. Creativity: 6. Overall trapped-in-an-elevator score: 19.

9. Violet Mikami

Violet Mikami is a "Chicago Fire" paramedic who knows her stuff. A chemistry whiz-kid and a total puzzle nerd, her hyper-intelligence serves her city well. Whether she's coming up with smart diagnoses or solutions to smoke inhalation, Mikami thinks fast and creatively when facing down medical dangers — or blackmail. Her smarts and straightforward nature would be great at helping you deal with any injuries suffered while stuck in an elevator.

However, Mikami is as competitive as she is intelligent — just ask Blake Gallo. While a healthy dose of one-upmanship could help her show a jammed elevator who's boss, it could also make her focus more on "winning" a Fitbit steps competition by pacing the elevator rather than escaping it. Relationship drama is something else Mikami can't seem to escape, whether it's her on-again-off-again relationship with Gallo, or her unexpected heartbreak with Evan Hawkins. You might not be able to escape the poor girl's bad luck in love if you were stuck on an elevator with her, either.

Personality points: 4. Firefighter-y excellence: 9. Creativity: 7. Overall trapped-in-an-elevator score: 20.

8. Darren Ritter

Darren Ritter is a friendly presence in Firehouse 51. Though he has a past full of trials and tribulations, they made him into the firefighter he is today. His co-workers know about his experiences with choking under pressure, but they also know they're firmly in the past. Ritter, in contrast, is still haunted by those events from time to time.

Ritter is also known for his authenticity and ability to forge strong connections with his squad. This is a quality shared by his actor, Daniel Kyri, whose background helped him bond with his co-stars. Easygoing and intuitive, Ritter gets along with people in all kinds of ways. Whether he's connecting with a boyfriend or bro-ing out with Blake Gallo and Violet Mikami, Ritter isn't afraid to get close to people. Ritter is no stranger to loss great and small (R.I.P., Tuesday) and yet he continues to make his relationships with others a priority. His tendency to make friends wherever he goes makes him someone we definitely wouldn't mind being stuck in an elevator with.

Personality points: 10. Firefighter-y excellence: 6. Creativity: 5. Overall trapped-in-an-elevator score: 21.

7. Kelly Severide

Kelly Severide eats fires (and, like, a dozen eggs) for breakfast. A seasoned firefighting pro, Severide has been in more towering infernos than the rest of us could shake a stick (or a metal textbook spine) at. His temper is far less easy to deal with than his firefighting prowess, however — and you never know when it will strike. Essentially, Severide is a cool customer with a hot head.

Where does this combination of traits leave him? Well, let's see. Yes, he knows his stuff. Yes, he's at the top of his firefighting game. But he also has a tendency to think his way is the only way. Severide does listen to others, like his wife Stella and Chief Boden, but even whatever those two have to say must compete with his own strong inner monologue. This is a man who follows his instincts, for better and for worse. He would undoubtedly break you out of a stuck elevator using sheer intelligence or brute force, but if you had a suggestion regarding how best to proceed, it'd probably be best to keep it to yourself.

Personality points: 4. Firefighter-y excellence: 10. Creativity: 8. Overall trapped-in-an-elevator score: 22.

6. Stella Kidd Severide

Stella Kidd Severide is the MVP of "Chicago Fire." She's comfortable as a firefighter, an engineer, a lieutenant, and a bartender. She can go head-to-head with the flames and with a whole bunch of her exes who inexorably find their way back into her professional life. She believes in herself, and that the children are the future — case in point, her Girls on Fire mentorship program. Plus, she can MacGyver her way out of all sorts of trouble, using clever and creative solutions to stop fires and catch bad guys. Recall the time she used the sounds of sirens and her cell phone to locate a missing kid. Getting out of an elevator would be child's play to Stella Kidd Severide.

Even though she's a quick thinker with bravery and adaptability to spare, Severide isn't full of herself. She's willing to go to bat for anyone she feels has been done an injustice. However, this empathy can backfire: She can sometimes get distracted by her own interpersonal drama. While she tends to warm up to most people in time, Severide has a surprising amount of beef with people from her past. As long as said beef is kept out of the elevator, though, she could get crafty and save the day.

Personality points: 7. Firefighter-y excellence: 7. Creativity: 9. Overall trapped-in-an-elevator score: 23.

5. Wallace Boden

Chief Wallace Boden is cool, calm, and collected. Respected by his colleagues and held in highest esteem by his city (except for a few crooked cops and shady paper-pushers), Boden has a well-earned reputation for being as solid as a rock. It's no wonder why: He's been on the job for over three decades. Though getting stuck in an elevator with such a formidable presence might initially be intimidating, Boden could surprise you with a peek at the personality he keeps hidden beneath his professional exterior. For example, the man just loves Halloween.

Though Boden is accustomed to handling emergencies from a leadership role, he isn't afraid of being on the front lines. Whether he's making calls from the street or the office, you can be sure he'll lead with confidence. If he were stuck in an elevator, he would still be able to delegate like a champ. The finest firefighters in Chicago are only a phone call away, and he'd have them locking the location down and busting you both out in no time. Plus, while you wait for the cavalry to arrive, he'd have plenty of cute baby pictures to share.

Personality points: 10. Firefighter-y excellence: 10. Creativity: 4. Overall trapped-in-an-elevator score: 24.

4. Sylvie Brett

Sylvie Brett is Firehouse 51's Paramedic in Charge, and a great character to get stuck in an elevator with. Her years of field experience mean she would be able to treat any medical issues that might arise. Perhaps even more important would be her warm demeanor and great sense of humor, which make her a great partner to pass the time with. She wouldn't feel stressed under the pressure of being in a tight space, either. Brett is such good company that you might notice yourself falling a little bit in love with her. You wouldn't be alone — so have half her co-workers.

Unafraid of taking risks on the job or with her heart, Brett is at the center of some of the best love stories on "Chicago Fire." She's also had some of the hardest heartbreaks. Brett's been both heartbreaker and heartbreakee, and hours could be spent poring over all the emotional details of each category. It's hard not to love Brett, either romantically or as a friend and coworker. Were you trapped in an elevator, you wouldn't burn with Brett, but you definitely may melt.

Personality points: 10. Firefighter-y excellence: 10. Creativity: 5. Overall trapped-in-an-elevator score: 25.

3. Christopher Herrmann

A firefighter with years of experience and his own epic stuck-in-an-elevator story, Christopher Herrmann is always good for an 11th hour save. He would get you out of that elevator without too many scratches to show for the experience, and regale you with his various get-rich-quick schemes while he does it. Herrmann's offbeat charm and dedication to rescue make him a great choice for anyone in a tough spot ... just as long as small business loans are avoided. While Molly's is a proven success, not all of Herrmann's best-laid plans work out so well.

Herrmann is a big family man, and makes everyone around him feel like kin — even if it's someone holding him hostage. As a proud father, he's great at coaching people through everything from panic attacks to new-dad nerves, which he does in the series' stuck-in-an-elevator bottle episode, "My Lucky Day." Thus we can say, with abundant proof, that if you had to get stuck in an elevator with someone, you could do far, far worse than Herrmann.

Personality points: 8. Firefighter-y excellence: 10. Creativity: 10. Overall trapped-in-an-elevator score: 28.

2. Joe Cruz

Joe Cruz is a fierce and funny force of firefighting nature. Whether he's keeping the peace between his teammates in Firehouse 51, helping Javi with homework, or teaching a Zumba class in what might just be his best-ever storyline on "Chicago Fire," Cruz is good at keeping things copacetic. Even in high-stakes scenarios, he excels at being a source of fun and calm. Unless, of course, the scenario is becoming a new dad. Still, when alarm bells ring and elevators get stuck, Cruz leads the way to safety with a steady hand and a warm smile.

Were you trapped in an elevator, Cruz would keep you laughing in the face of danger. He might entertain you with talk of his heroic saves, clever inventions like the Slamigan, his history with Humboldt Park, or offer a free class pass for Zumba in Pilsen. A great firefighter and friend, Cruz uses his big brother energy to coach people he partners up with and the people he saves from the jaws of death. He would doubtlessly keep you calm and get you out of a sticky situation with nothing but panache.

Personality points: 10. Firefighter-y excellence: 10. Creativity: 9. Overall trapped-in-an-elevator score: 29.

1. Brian Otis Zvonecek

Brian "Otis" Zvonecek is so good at saving people from elevators, he's named after it: Otis is a nod to Otis Worldwide, a major elevator manufacturer. Suffice it to say, the man knows his way around (and out of) any elevator you could throw at him. He's also an all-around excellent firefighter and a funny force of nature. This makes the fact that his character is dead even sadder. Still, he's our number one pick to be stuck in an elevator with — even dead, his spirit is probably strong enough to have anyone's back in such a cramped space. This character's winning blend of heroics and humor is just that potent.

When Otis isn't being a fearless firefighter, he's being a funny podcaster. Depending on which season you got stuck in this imaginary elevator, you might stand a strong chance of being made to guest star on his show, which could lead to local celebrity. After you escape the elevator, you'd almost certainly get treated to a drink on the house at Molly's, which Otis (and half the characters on "Chicago Fire") co-owns. Make sure to raise a toast to Otis, one of Chicago's finest firefighters, and the finest of all to be nicknamed after Otis Worldwide.

Personality points: 10. Firefighter-y excellence: 10. Creativity: 10. Overall trapped-in-an-elevator score: 30.