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Dwayne Johnson Is Apparently Serious About A Potential Marvel-DC Crossover Movie

As Marvel Studios and DC Extended Universe continue to mine their characters for yearly cinematic outings, audiences can't help but wonder when the two mega-franchises will crossover. Both franchises have raked in billions of dollars at the global box office and show no signs of letting go of their cultural hold, with projects like "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" and "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" in the pipeline.

While it remains to be seen if the gravy train will ever stop for the dueling competitors, at some point, audiences are going to want to watch something new. While multiverses and team-ups are hot right now, that likely won't be the case in a decade. The burden of having constant output is that viewers want something new, fresh, and groundbreaking. And what's more groundbreaking than the two franchises colliding? Pouring through the thousands of comics released in the last five decades, a recurring theme is Marvel and DC crossing over, sometimes with varying results.

Marvel and DC's resident bad boys, The Punisher and Batman came face-to-face for "Lake of Fire" and "Deadly Knights," while both franchise's poster children saved the world together in "Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man." Precedent suggests that a Marvel-DC crossover is possible; it just hasn't made it to the big screen yet.

With the release of "Black Adam" approaching, all eyes are on lead star and producer Dwayne Johnson, whose very presence is set to be a game-changer for DC. As one of Hollywood's most thriving creatives, he has his own opinion on a Marvel-DC crossover, and it's one that will leave fans from both sides delighted.

Dwayne Johnson says it's up to fans to demand a Marvel-DC crossover

While speaking with Dwayne Johnson at the New York premiere of "Black Adam," Variety flirted with the possibility of a potential Marvel-DC crossover. The actor discussed how it all boils down to market and fan demands, suggesting that a crossover is worth exploring in the future.

"Well, I'm always optimistic. I'd like to think that we would see that. My philosophy is anything can get done. Let's start with the end goal. And if the end goal is to have some sort of crossover that can be compelling, smart, cool for the fans," Johnson revealed. Despite working on "Black Adam" for over a decade, Johnson has always championed Marvel Studios and its President Kevin Feige. In a 2021 interview with Collider, Seven Bucks Productions' Hiram Garcia confirmed that Johnson and Feige have spoken previously and that a mutual admiration exists between the two Hollywood titans. 

The actor suggested that he'd be more than willing to become an advisor for DC as it searches for its next leader. As a staunch DC fan, it's hard not to imagine Johnson in an advisory role where he helps pave the direction of the franchise. Could his first course of action be to bring DC and Marvel together? The executive decision isn't up to him, however.

Johnson wants to gauge the expectations of fans, to see if they really want DC and Marvel — the two biggest superhero franchises in the world — to crossover. "And then if they do, then let's create it. I operate my businesses like that. I truly believe that anything can happen. Anything can happen with the right people and place, and the right leadership, having the right conversations."